4 Marketing Tips To Increase Affiliate Conversions 1

How to Increase Views & Traffic From YouTube

When starting with your video marketing strategy, one platform comes to mind – YouTube. It’s free, easy to use and has wide audience reach. YouTube has around 1 billion mobile viewers’ daily and mobile makes up 50% of the entire platform traffic. With that, there are roughly 2 billion viewers daily on YouTube. The platform

4 Marketing Tips To Increase Affiliate Conversions 8

4 Proven Ways to Get More Ad Clicks

Catching the attention of target users can be tricky. Most internet users are now aware that graphics on sidebars, no matter how discreet they may seem, are often ads. This behavior reduces your chance of getting a possible lead for your campaign. How you talk to your users is key to making them click on your

4 Marketing Tips To Increase Affiliate Conversions 9

The Rise of Mobile: 3 Myths Busted!

People are hooked with their smart phones & tablets nowadays. Studies show that 64% of the US population owns a smartphone. [1] The accessibility of having information needed to make a purchase is now within the reach of consumers as they can search for an emerging product, read about reviews and directly purchase in their mobile