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Why the New Apple iOS 14 Update Will Affect How You Advertise

During their annual event on September 15, 2020, Apple released their newest operating system: iOS 14. Though a new phone wasn’t released, the operating system is an exciting update to users. The new OS boasts a fresh interface with new features. Users are embracing this as a popular trend to create aesthetically pleasing home screens. But as Affiliate marketers, there’s something important we should note beyond the design. The new Apple iOS 14 update will affect how you advertise.

iOS 14 Home screen Layouts. Credit to @traf

The tech giant’s newest operating system gives its users new privacy options that affect how their phones are used for tracking. While there are many new additions to their privacy policy, there’s one that sticks out the most to all marketers alike:

Allowing users to opt out of apps tracking their online history and behavior.

You read that right. But please, don’t panic.


How the iOS 14 Update Will Affect How You Advertise

When users open an app on their iPhone, a notification will prompt them to select one of two options:

Allow Tracking or Ask App Not to Track

iOS14 Privacy Notification

Apple iOS14 new privacy feature. Photo courtesy of Apple

For the first time, users have the option to opt-in to share their data, versus the traditional opt-out. If an Apple user chooses Allow Tracking, then it will be the standard for them. App companies and advertisers will be able to utilize user behavior data from the app and online avenues for highly targeted advertising.

If a user chooses the latter, Ask App Not to Track, those companies will no longer have the data to their online behavior and what actions they take when approaching their ads.

A positive thought is that when users are prompted to opt-in to allow cookie tracking when visiting a new website, oftentimes, the user is unaware what that even means and will blindly opt-in. Though with online privacy becoming more and more of a topic among the general public, it’s a tough pill to swallow that many young users will likely opt for the second option.

The biggest idea to remember here is that this could impact the effectiveness of online marketing efforts that targets Apple devices. That could have significant repercussions, considering Apple devices make up 45% of smartphone users in the US.


How This Affects Affiliates

For affiliate marketers who perform highly targeted native advertising like Facebook Ads as a traffic source, this could mean a less profitable future for the popular traffic source. However, this could be counteracted by a necessary decrease in ad costs on Facebook’s end.


But wait- there’s good news.

Apple will not be enforcing this new policy for apps until 2021. This will allow for companies and advertisers time to become compliant.

For Affiliates, this will be another obstacle we’ll need to overcome in the future. The new Apple iOS 14 update will affect how you advertise, but luckily, we have more experience than anyone at adapting to change.


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