Looking for some new re-targeting traffic sources?

Here’s some new re-targeting traffic sources to keep you busy!

If your new to re-targeting, re-targeting allows you to show ads specifically to the people that left your website, so you can get them back! To set up a re-targeting campaign just add a quick pixel to your website to start your awesome re-targeting campaign.

Check out these cool re-targeting traffic sources below:

AdRoll – http://www.adroll.com
AdRetargeting – http://ww.adretargeting.com
Ebay Enterprise http://www.ebayenterprise.com/marketing_solutions/display_retargeting/
Recrue Media – http://www.recruemedia.com
AdBuyer – http://adbuyer.com
Retargeter – http://www.retargeter.com
MyThings – http://www.mythings.com
Criteo.com – http://www.criteo.com


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