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8 Affiliate Marketing Secrets to Drive Revenue Quick in 2021

Are you looking for affiliate marketing tips for 2021 to increase your revenue fast? This pandemic has given a boost to many industries and Affiliate Marketing is one such industry that has seen positive growth in these crucial times. Read and apply these effective tips that will sharpen your affiliate marketing game in 2021.

Affiliate Marketing Secrets

1. Quality Content is King

Don’t kill your blog’s reputation with an overly marketed product offer. Rather than excessively promoting a review, it is better to give valuable insights about the product. Articles having rich content usually get more organic traffic from Google & Bing than the ones that just have promotional content in them. You would also need to make sure that your article’s length is sufficient and you are not exessively external linking. If you study top articles ranked for products, you can notice each article has around 1,500 to 2,000 words or even higher.

In short, rich-content with a good count of words plays an important role in ranking. One idea is to do proper keyword research and use product-related questions and long-tail keywords that usually people search in Google. Talk about those phrases and questions. When you are bringing real value to your content, the chances of conversions become higher.


2. Don’t Just Rely on SEO Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

It is good that you create a good blog keeping in mind all the SEO factors, Cool! But this isn’t enough to increase your conversions and commissions. Don’t rely solely on SEO traffic. Make sure an unexpected SEO penalty or de-ranking will not disrupt your income.

Use a blend of traffic systems including Native Ads, Push Ads, Social Media Ads, Email Marketing, Forum Marketing, YouTube Ads, etc. The more platforms you have in your traffic system, the faster conversions come rolling in.


3. Stay Focused and Dedicated to Your Campaigns

The secret is, the more quality content you have on a specific topic, the more people will perceive you as an expert on that topic. Once people start noticing the value you are bringing by answering their questions, there are higher chances that they will come back to learn more. Stay active and keep adding more value. It increases your chances of being there when they are ready to buy something.


4. Lifetime Commissions with Affiliate Marketing

Try to find networks and products that offer lifetime commissions. There are many software and website hosting affiliate programs that offer you a share on each renewal of the subscription. Commissions may vary in affiliate marketing from offer to offer, but still, it is a good idea to choose a plan that gets you recurring commissions.

More such conversions will bring you bigger checks each month. Such types of offers will help you in making more money each month even when you are no longer promoting those offers or bringing new conversions for them.


5. Offers with Discount Coupons

Another good idea that is working like a charm is, offering your audience a promo code while you are referring them to purchase something using your affiliate link. Promo codes are a good incentive for your visitors to purchase a product. Web hosting sites, Domain Registrars, Subscription-based sites, there are many affiliate networks that offer you a discount code with dedicated affiliate links.

Besides this, you can also contact support or email your affiliate manager about this idea and you might get lucky to have a discount code for your affiliate link.


6. Find similar products for comparison

Many affiliate marketers promote multiple products, most have been seen promoting between 1 to 10 products at a time. There are many who would promote even more than ten products at a time. You might find a lot of great networks with amazing offers, but it is better not to promote everything under the sun.

While your short-term goal is to make money, your long-term vision should be to earn trust and position yourself as a trustworthy expert in your niche. Promote well-chosen products that compliment the image you are building for yourself. This will pay you off in the long run.

If an affiliate offer is doing good for you, you can play smart here by doing some research on similar products and create comparison articles.


7. Be honest about the Product Review

Honesty will pay you off in the long run, something we all have been hearing since childhood. This applies here in Affiliate Marketing too. Do not just mention the strong side of the product, talk about the weaker side of the product too. People get skeptical when you are only talking about the benefits and making it look like an unrealistically perfect product. Good to discuss a few not-so-impressive aspects of the products as well.

This way you will earn the trust of your existing audience as well as it will help you earn the trust of new visitors. Your content will look more honest and people will find it easier to trust you. The secret here is, writing a balanced product review.


8. Focus on Mobile Audience to Uplift Affiliate Marketing

Recent research by Statista shows that customers are buying more on their phones than through their personal computers. More than 45% of online sales are done through mobile phones. It is expected that this number will touch 54% by 2021. The secret to learn here is, optimize your landing pages, your content, and your sales funnels for mobile devices as soon as possible.

Besides this, there is a direct relation between your site’s loading speed and conversions. Slower the page speed, lower the conversions. This isn’t difficult to understand that if a user feels the site isn’t loading, they hit the back button and visit the other link they see in Google, or they will close the tab. Therefore, it is suggested to make sure your website is mobile-optimized.


Hoping these quick tips will help you in improving your Affiliate Marketing journey for 2021. Feel free to drop your comments. Also, join our Facebook Group if you haven’t already. Many great things are happening there.

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