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Affiliate Marketing & Parenting: 5 things they have in common.

Are you a parent? Have you ever though about applying your parenting skills to your online affiliate business? Let’s see common points in affiliate marketing & parenting.

At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.” – Jane D. Hull

Parenting will never be easy. You have learn about things to get for new baby. You figure out things that good or bad for your child. The challenges and rewards that come with being a first time mom or dad during a child’s early years are unimaginable, and unless you have been a parent yourself you will never understand the extreme feeling of joy when you succeed, and when your child succeeds. The skills you learn through these years can be applied to your affiliate business….you learn as you go.

1. PREPARING FOR BIRTH – What to do and what not to do.

As first time parents, you cannot contain the excitement of having your first child. You research and read books about parenting 101 or What to Expect When Expecting. You take time to educate yourself and make sure you follow every single step as written in the book.

You should apply that same type of enthusiasm to learn the ins and outs of your online business. You need to have the right skills and experience to get started. There are webinars and resources as well as forums or groups you can join for discussions. Learn as much as you can during this phase – vertical, target audience, tracking, landing page, etc.

The more prepared you are with the technical aspects, the easier things will be when you start running your campaigns.

2. THE NEWBORN DAYS – The first weeks are the hardest.

Remember when you just wanted to sleep but you couldn’t because your baby was up all night? You did everything you could and sang all the lullabies but to no avail – the baby just wouldn’t stop crying.

The first few tries in running offers will be similar- you will replicate strategies you read online, but it just might not work on your vertical. Don’t give up! Keep on reading and researching until you find what works best for the offers you are running. If you’re a risk taker, combine strategy A with B or tweak targeting on strategies you have read about.

Treat every new campaign you create like your baby – know what works with it and what does not. Try new things, not all campaigns will react the same.

3. TODDLER YEARS – A series of never ending questions.

After enduring long nights of staying up, here comes the age that will keep you busy day in and day out. Toddlers will ask you endless questions – some make sense (even more sense than adult questions) and some are just out of this world. Are you ready to answer these questions?

You’ve figured out what works for your offers, your campaigns starts to gain traction and money is coming in – the next step? Growing it. You start looking for bigger offers with the hopes of landing the big prize. Questions start to arise not only in your own head, but from your peers and networks. How do you expand? Should you change this or this? Where can you get more traffic? How do you split test?

The road does not end here, there will constantly be questions.


At this point kids are trying to find who they are. You want to maintain your closeness with your child but you do not want to go overboard by giving into their demands.

Discipline is key. Always go back to your core values.

Many affiliate marketers also try to find themselves and may not know exactly how to react to all the opportunity and challenges being faced. As you learn more and more about the possibilities of making money online you may start to ask more questions. Sometimes affiliates can fall victim of the “shiny object syndrome”. It’s like when you see so many options that you don’t know which one to pick, or you try them all. Remain focused on your end goal, and become a master of one business model before growing too fast.

5. ADULTHOOD – Rewarding yourself.

At this stage, you may feel you are done with the responsibilities society dictates – care, protection & education. It’s time to reward yourself …

Same goes with the offers you run – never forget to compensate yourself if business has survived the tough years. You have earned it. It might be rewarding to see it grow but you always have to keep in mind that in order for you to work harder, you MUST treat yourself and stay healthy. Go take that vacation! You deserve a rest too.

Your sacrifices and efforts will pay off. Just remember, persistence and strategic thinking is the important to making it work.

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