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Ad Networks vs Direct Buys
User Interface:
feature rich and easy to use. Very good reporting.
SiteScout has retargeting that can be shared accro
different sites and products. This is ideal for off
ering several products in
a succession to a known demographics. Say, we are t
argeting middle
adged women with a disposable income. So, we can li
ne up: diet pills,
face creams and get-your-Ex-back offers, even coupo
ns etc. Needless
to say, that means reducing the risk and multiplyin
g proffit opportunities.
You can log in whenever you want and check the
campaign’s progress.
If we are doing the campaing from your SiteScout
account you just log in and can see all the aspects
of the acition.
Placement Aquisition:
There is no need to search for publishers.
SiteScout has done that and there are thousands of
high volume site.
Buying from broker:
SiteScout had already put its marging on the top
of the price they paid to the publishers. SiteScout
buys traffic from
Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).
SiteScouts buys impressions from a huge traffic
exchanges (DSPs) like: Google, OpenX, Rubicon Proje
ct, Right Media
and AOL etc. Lets say, publishers like TheNewYorkT, who
place their inventory on DSP’s exhange, don’t want
to see pushy and
outrageous ads on their sites, neither they want to
be associated with
diet pills, biz-ops and face creams.
So instead showing ads and LPs that work for us, we
end up showing
ads that please big brands, who can’t care less if
we are profitable or
Both affiliates and advertisers know SiteScout and
are all there pushing the similar offers, with simi
lar landing pages.

Lowest possible traffic quality:
DSPs sell to SiteScout what’s called
“remnant traffic”. In essence, consumers tend to no
tice and click on the
banners that show first after a page upload.
Big brands like WallMart, Crysler, Samsung etc. pay
$5-15 CPM for
“premium traffic” to display their ads first. Down
the line, closer to the
last position, some ad placements stay unsold and t
hey go to affiliates
for $0.50-3.00. These ads, shown after big brand ad
s, are called
“remnant traffic” and that’s SiteScout’s inventory.
Its well known that the same campaign shown to the
“premium” traffic
often converts, wile when shown to “remnant” traffi
c it loses money.
Its very expensive to optimize campaigns directly
SiteScout because competitors are constantly jumpin
g each other in a
fight for placements and causing prices to swing wi
Spying tools:
Most spying tools like What-Runs-Where, AdBeat etc
make everyghing that’s going on SiteScout and other
Real Time Bidding
(RTB) platforms, completely transparent. So, steali
ng of the banners,
landing pages etc. is rampant and considered a comm
on practice.

Direct Media Buys:
Premium Quality
at Reasonable Cost:
We would be buying
traffic directly from the smaller publishers, whoos
e sites have 50,000 to
250,000 visitors per month. Because these publisher
s are relatively
small, their income from Google AdSense is very unp
redictable. One
month they make few hundred dollars, next month the
y make next to
This volatility makes these publishers more open to
negotiation, becuse
we are offering them a constant, predictable income
, with which they
can focus on growing their business.
At a same time, our ads are not any more on the bac
k of the ad que,
but on the front of it. Effectively, our ads are “p
remium traffic” that are
always the first one shown to the visitors and thus
we have quality
(euphemisam for profitability) we can’t get on Site
It can easily be seen from AdBeat banner ad spying
tool that all big
players in the evergreen verticals are spending 40-
60% on direct buys.
There are no compliance issues. These publishers c
afford to be too snotty, so as long as offer is not
into pornography, arms
dealing and drugs, they are generaly fine. It means
as well that we can
use proven advertisements and landing pages that ca
n be found with
spying tools.
Transparency depends on who pays for the initial co
like placement aquisition, ad server etc. If you pa
y for the up front costs,
than you just log in into ad server and can see it
If I pay for up front stuff tha I send you reports
with screenshots etc. and
you only pay for advertising.
it should be much higher than on SiteScout, possib
ly double. If
this was my money, I wouldn’t blink, I would just d
o Direct-Buys.
We use SiteScout’s retargeting. So we’ll need SiteS
account, just for that. Re-Targeting is comparetive
ly very inexpensive,
because one is not showing ads to anybody, but to a
small group of
selected visitors who already have expressed comerc
ial intent.
Conversion rates on retargeted ads are vastly highe
r than on any other

type of targeting.
There is no volatility, we are on the top. We are p
aying in
advance for an pre-agreed quantity of traffic.
Small Volume:
We are effectively becoming SiteScout and we are
recruiting our own publishers. That requeres a lots
of up front donkey
work and it would take a few months.
Placement Aquisition:
Opposite of SiteScout. We need to pay up front
for the finding of publishers, that are neither too
big, nor too small. From
my experience “conversion” rate is about 2.0%.
Currently, I am paying virtual assistant $40 for a
raw list of 100
publishers (50-250,000 visitor/month) with sites th
at are frequented by
middle aged women and sites similar to sites used b
y competitors as
shown in AdBeat banner ad spying tool. Currently I
started pulling out
sites are in the food recipes, diets and small dogs
niches. Here are
some examples:
We don’t need all sites at once, we can start with
5 and than gradually
ad them as we go. These sites need to be found manu
ally and verified
for traffic, so it is very labour intensive. That’s
why I am using people
I’ve found on Fiverr and trainded them to deliver w
hat I specify.
Optimal list, that will give us a good data is abou
t 25 confirmed sites for
our ad placements, we need a list of: 25/0.02 = 1,2
50 sites. Aquisition of
this list will cost: $40 x 1,250 / 100 = $500 over
the time.
Ad Server:
There will be extra delay, because ad server would
need to
be set up, as each of the publishers is accepted in
. I would suggest because it has most of features and all
the targeting
: Re-targeting will still be done from SiteScout, b

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