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A Newbie Guide to Banner Advertising: 10 Tips to Create Effective Banner Ads



Banner advertising is a useful way of promoting your offer to a wide variety of people. Affiliate marketers can effectively use this method of advertising to reach out to thousands of possible opt-ins and leave an impression on the site visitors. However, if not designed right, online banner advertising can just as quickly become something that the site visitor zones out of his/her field of vision and ignores entirely. Let’s look through some tips on how to make your banner ads stand out from the rest:

 1. Get Your Ad Right

Banner ads may differ based on the result you are looking to achieve. Depending on whether you want to increase site traffic, brand awareness or gain more opt-ins, you have to design different advertisements.

Your banner ads need to be tailored depending on the  audience you are targeting. Some of the important factors here include gender, nationality, profession, or social status.

Banner ads can also be differently designed for viewing on larger screens like computers or smaller mobile devices and tablets.

Once you’ve got your ad right, decide on the length of the campaign and your budget. And don’t forget to track the results of your campaign to figure what works and what doesn’t.

 2. Start with an Attention Grabbing Headline

Beginning with the headline that you choose for your ad, the user/viewer must be interested in knowing more. Try and choose the best headline that arouses curiosity. Ensure that the headline gives out only the bare minimum of information needed to make the viewer move on to the next line in your ad. Make your headline stand out from other content on the page by playing with fonts, sizes, and colors till you get the perfect enticing headline.

3. Follow Through with Strong Content

Once you have convinced your viewer to move further into the ad, do not let their attention wander. Your ad text must be creative and should use the right words to get the message across to the viewers. Do not miss out on information that you think the customer might want to know about, yet keep the text short and simple.

 4. Images Increase Visual Appeal

No one will read a bunch of sentences on a visually unappealing banner ad. You have to include content which settles pleasantly with the text based part of your advertisement. But naturally, there has to be a connect between the image and the product being sold. When there is a mismatch here, the visitor tends to get irritated with your brand. For example if you have the picture of a premium sports car on the banner when all you are trying to sell is motor insurance, this will not result in conversions as the advertisement is obviously misleading.

 5. Subliminal Call to Action

Nothing as simple as ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Click Here to Buy’ works anymore. Most people will browse through your banner ad and then simply decide not to click any further. The word ‘buy’ within a call to action immediately brings in thoughts of spending money for many people who would not want to click on the call to action just because they do not want to be pushed into making a purchase. Instead try and make your call to action message subliminal. Use messages like ‘Click here to know more’ or ‘See more’ in order to take them to your page. Ensure the click button is properly highlighted and that the viewer can understand that it is a clickable ad.

 6. Stick to Basics
While they may be called banner ads, never forget that users will view them on an electronic device which may or may not have a large screen. Cramming your banner ad with too much information or too many offers will just result in the viewer giving up midway. No matter how well you design it, always try and stick to offering just one single idea in one ad. Also ensure the text and the design layout is done in such a way as to seem minimalist.

 7. Ads Should Never be Size Heavy

Smaller your banner ad file size is, the quicker it will show up on the website that the visitor is browsing through. While high quality ads with animations, many colors and photos might be attractive, in the end, if your ad is the last to load on a website, chances are, other ads have already grabbed the viewer’s attention. The optimum file size for your banner ads is between 10 kb to 40 kb in order to ensure fast loading.

 8. Consider Animation

It is advisable not to overdo the animation or motion in your banner ad or it might become too heavy to load. However, some amount of movement in the ad is always recommended since the human eye is invariably drawn towards motion. Make sure the animations you input into your advertisement are visually appealing. Fast moving text or text which forces the viewer to concentrate hard will annoy them rather than keep them interested. Keep just enough movement to grab attention and quickly move to static text and images to get the message across.

 9. Frame Your Ad

A subtle frame around the box of your ad would keep the viewers’ eyes focused on your ad without letting them wander to what’s outside the box. Place a small but well defined border around your ad in a darker color in order to ensure that the message inside pops out.

 10. Avoid Fancy Fonts

While they may look appealing on paper, fancy fonts or non standard sizes may not be so interesting to everyone. Stick to fonts which have a track record of being instantly recognizable. This makes absorption of the information given in your ad easy for the viewer. Also make sure that the size of the text or the visuals is set in a way to deliver the information with a minimum of understanding effort needed by your viewer.

Over the years, internet users have got used to looking at hundreds of banner ads during their browsing sessions. The human mind subconsciously tends to identify advertisements and ignores them. To fight banner blindness, you must ensure that your ad has some relevance to the viewer or at least is designed in a way that it puts across the information in an easy fashion.

How do you counter banner blindness? What are your tried and tested techniques for creating high quality banner ads? We’d love to hear in the comments.

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Are YOU Picking The Right Traffic For Your Offers? If You Don’t Know Then You Might Want To Read This.




If you’re already on the Powerhouse Affiliate team then you already know all about CPA Marketing and the wonderful things it can do for your success and bank account. And if you’re not already crushing those commissions with CPA Marketing then what are you waiting for? Come join the winning team and learn all about what it takes to get things done the right way! Check us out right here…  Powerhouse Affiliate

Absolutely shameless plug aside, this post is all about picking the best traffic for cpa offers, what these traffic sources are and where they come from, not to mention why you would want to stick with the right traffic source for long-term profitability. So with all of that said, let’s get started!


Traffic “Tiers” Decoded

There are basically just three main traffic tiers you need to take into consideration when paying for traffic, we’ll go ahead and list these territories for you in just a moment but first a quick word on free traffic sources for affiliate marketing vs. paid and how it relates to this knowledge.

Yes, this knowledge is usually associated with paid traffic for the simple fact that when you deal with SEO you’re normally going to be dealing with traffic from whichever language your webpages are written in. Of course this means you’ll be seeing visitors from all over the planet but the majority of them will be concentrated around any country which uses your target language as their “official language”. What this means is that if your pages are written in English then you can expect to attract Tier One traffic for the most part as these tend to be primarily English-centric geo targets (geographic locations).


Tier One: Tends to be where the world’s most wealthy countries are listed. It also just so happens that most of these have a large number of English speaking residents so they are usually pretty friendly to offers which are written in English.

This is where most of the BIG FISH like to swim which means if you don’t have an ad budget in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS then you’re going to have a very hard time keeping up with your competition in many cases… unless you discover a niche with less competition and know you can get away with lower bidding strategies. Of course you are always able to test your luck with any niche under the sun, there are a lot of different Ad Networks out there, some of which will let you bid pretty low for your traffic so who knows, you just might be able to find your golden ticket in this traffic tier.


Quick note about junk traffic…


This tier one traffic is also where a TON of traffic fraud hangs out so be ready to test a lot of different sources in order to trash the garbage in favor of keeping the legitimate sources. Using tools like BeMob for tracking and filtering you should be able to build and maintain a profile of positive traffic sources to help you focus all of your effort and budget where it truly counts most while staying away from the money wasting junk.


Tier Two: Although you will find plenty of success with all three tiers of traffic you’re going to notice that this tier can tend to lead to lower payouts and that is perfectly okay. Along with lower payouts on average you also get the benefit of fewer competing offers, less traffic fraud (though this varies in many cases and still requires testing) and in many cases higher conversion rates because these territories are usually not “burnt out” from a flood of offers as tier one often times is. When you add these benefits up you just might find your overall income is higher than if you were to jump directly into the first tier with affiliate marketing traffic tips.

Some advertisers (the owner of the offer which you are promoting) allow for a single offer to be directed across multiple tiers but it’s important to always check the offer description in any network to know you’re advertising to the appropriate countries at all times. Attempting to cheat any CPA Network is a guaranteed way to get kicked out and lose your commissions. You might get away with it for a short while in some cases but these networks take security and fraud prevention extremely serious so do yourself a favor and follow the rules, it will pay off for you in the end far better than trying to cheat the system.


Tier Three: These are usually referred to as “developing countries” and tend to have lower purchasing power compared to the first two tiers but they are still an excellent source of traffic for the right opportunities. Below is an easy to digest chart of all three tiers for you to reference in the future. Feel free to bookmark this page for future reference if you’d like to check back in the future.

FinlandBosnia & HerzegovinaBahrain
NetherlandsColombiaBurkina Faso
New ZealandCosta RicaBurundi
SwedenCzech RepublicCape Verde
SwitzerlandDominican RepublicChad
United KingdomEcuadorComoros
United States of AmericaEgyptCongo
EstoniaEl Salvador
Hong KongGuatemala
Puerto RicoNicaragua
Republic of Korea (South)Nigeria
Russian FederationSenegal
Saudi ArabiaSri Lanka
South AfricaTogo
ThailandTrinidad & Tobago
United Arab EmiratesUganda


Which Tier Should You Focus On?

Well, it really depends on what level of marketing you’re on and what your budget is like. If you’re new then you might want to stick with tier two, and perhaps dabble in the 3rd tier while staying far away from tier one. The reason for this way of thinking can be broken down to a number of factors: 

  • Your experience level: If you don’t yet have the experience to know when you’ve got a winner or a loser on your hands after a few days of testing then you’re in over your head. One of the biggest mistakes we all make in the beginning is seeing someone else do well and think we can just copy them and see the same results. What you’re not taking into account is the fact that they have the experience and you don’t… yet.


  • Traffic Volume: Tier one traffic is basically a limited volume based on the simple fact that there are so many fewer countries which fall into it. What this means is you’re going to burn through your potential viewership of each ad far quicker than if you focus on the other two tiers. Granted “ad blindness” will happen to any offer which means you must constantly update and change your ads to keep conversions coming, but you’re going to discover it’s necessary to do this far sooner when dealing with the 1st tier of traffic vs. the others. This is not a bad thing but just something to keep in mind.


  • Offer Restrictions & Opportunities: Many offers in tier one have restrictions which must be followed lest you wind up with a banned account on that network. In a lot of cases you will find that tier two and three have fewer restrictions on what you can claim within your own advertising to their offers. This is not to encourage you to use shady practices but instead to just let you know that you don’t usually need to worry as much about what you can or can’t claim based on the CPA offer itself. You still have to follow the rules of your Ad Networks (where you place your ads) but keep in mind that many of the native ad networks are pretty open to what they’ll allow provided you’re not doing anything shady or illegal.


  • Cheaper Testing & Data Collection: There is a common phrase in the marketing world which says you’re not losing money but instead simply “buying data” and it’s absolutely true. Granted, you may run an ad which turns out not to be profitable but if you are doing your job of keeping track of your data then you can turn that information into profit in the long run. Find out which ads convert and from which locations and traffic sources is a HUGE part of success in the CPA game. If you find that an offer is working well in the 2nd and 3rd tier traffic sources then you may be able to translate that information to similar offers in the 1st tier with just a slight bit of tweaking of your ads.


How You Can Learn More About This

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, you can learn a lot more about CPA Marketing and how these three tiers of traffic can serve you best by joining forces with us… we offer a free membership to get you started with an option to upgrade later on if you choose.

What this means is that you have 100% absolutely nothing to lose when checking us out because you’ll not only get access to the community for free which is a very valuable resource all on it’s own, but you also get to check out our entry level training program which is the entire thing, we don’t limit you access or cut anything out of it.

On the other hand…

If you do finally decide to join the rest of the upgraded members then you’ll have access to all of our killer training which will teach you how to basically become a CPA marketing genius, explain the details of the different traffic sources featured in this article as well as a ton of other stuff that is updated all the time.

Webinars from the creator of Powerhouse Affiliate, live case studies that hold absolutely nothing back so you can see how entire campaigns are done from start to finish and of course your ticket into our Facebook group and way more that I can’t even list here simply because it would add another thousand words to this thing and I’m sure you’re sick of reading by now.

Just come check us out, get your free account and see for yourself all the wonderful things we’ve got waiting for you just around the corner. Oh, and we just installed a new options for our members which allows them to build their own websites and host them with us for free so you can kiss those hosting fees goodbye when you sign up with us as a premium member!


Are YOU Picking The Right Traffic For Your Offers? If You Don’t Know Then You Might Want To Read This. 1


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How to Keep Google Display Network Ads Cost Low




Google Display Network Campaign Costs

Google Display Network Campaign Costs

Except that Google Display Network Costs will spiral out of control if you aren’t careful, there’s nothing in the world that matches the might of The Google Display network.

Nothing remotely comes close in terms of real estate for ads (Facebook operates and works on different principles, so it’s not to be compared here).

As far as simple inventory for display ads go, Google Display Network is unsurpassed. Because of that, it’s a beast.

It’s a beast that you have to learn to tame.

You have to tame it, nourish it, nurture it, and help yourself make your campaigns more profitable. Here’s how you do it:

Do your setup right

If you just run with the default settings Google recommends, you’ll end up paying Google more than you’d ever make.

A few basic rules will help you setup your google display campaigns the right way:

— Stick to one country per campaign. You can always duplicate campaigns and target another country when you have to.
— Use two ads of the same size (say, 300 x 250 or 728 x 90) to begin with.
— Choose “Rotate evenly for 90 days” option to test your ads instead of “Show ads most likely to convert”
— Don’t go all in with all options available to you on GDN. That is, don’t pick “keywords”, “topics”, and “placements” all at once.
— Start with “keywords” for instance (and Google automatically starts placing ads on a few relevant websites (also called automatic placements). Then, tweak the keywords, manage your placements, and manage your bids.
— Don’t choose CPC bids for Display unless you know what you are doing. I found better results (and a much lower CPC) with Google’s manual CPM bidding.
— If you aren’t sure, just pick automated bidding types such as VCPM (Viewable CPM)

Start with low budgets, to Start Lowering Google Display Network Costs

Always start with a small budget in the beginning because there’s a lot of testing that you’d need to do initially.

If you don’t know what you are doing on Google Display Network, then you’d also need some time to figure out how your settings, bid strategies, ads, and everything else in your workflow “works”.

Because this is The Google Display Network, you’d be mostly bidding on CPM (cost per thousand Impressions).

Always bid high

Most newbie affiliates obviously want to make their budgets stretch. Usually, this means that they start off campaigns with small budgets (recommended) and also very low bids (not recommended).

When you bid low, you are basically forcing Google to start showing your ads in “less than premium” ad spots on the publisher network.

It’s the premium ad slots on all those websites that gets the best of the related traffic you are targeting.

Do yourself a favor; don’t skimp on bids.

Opt out of Ad Placements You Don’t Need

By default, Google would pick almost any kind of a website or web property (like mobile web or app) that is relevant to the criteria you’d set while setting up your google display campaigns.

Google will also care less whether or not your ads show up on the right kind of website or the right placement on a website.

To lower your costs, choose “campaign exclusions” option to determine how exactly and where your ads should show.

A few popular choices (given most niches) are opting out of placing ads below the fold. Also, opting out of Bizarre, Military, Crime, and Adult (unless you are in the adult niche which means you shouldn’t be using GDN in the first place)

Use Retargeting

If you only had to pick one single point to bring down your costs, use retargeting.

Launch a separate retargeting campaign by choosing to target audiences you’d create by building lists

[Shared Library > Audiences > Create an audience]

More often than not, you’ll be paying drastically less per click when compared to your regular campaigns.

Focus on Quality

In time, you’ll be outbid on the advertising network. You’ll start to see your conversions going down even though the traffic is coming through. Yet, there’s more to it than just the traffic source and the traffic.

Insist on A/B testing everything — ads, landing pages, and even your workflows (if you use those automated emails, resultant thank you pages, etc.).

Do you use the Google Display Network? How are your campaigns going? Let us know about your Google Display advertising network

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Display Advertising

How I Use NativeAdBuzz to Win… & Why EVERY AFFILIATE ON THE PLANET Should Try It!




How I Use NativeAdBuzz to Win... & Why EVERY AFFILIATE ON THE PLANET Should Try It! 2

Do you want to know what the competition is up to? If you said “no” then kindly click on the little “x” in the upper corner of your browser now… this article isn’t for you!

Powerhouse Affiliate

Native Ad Buzz offers a very generous

7 Days for $7 trial-run and it’s worth 10x that so give it a shot

We can all use a bit of help every now and again and that’s what NativeAdBuzz offers by the ton. You just have to make the best use of NativeAdBuzz. So much help you might lose sleep at night from the excitement of possibilities this spy-platform can offer you. I know I’m really hyping up a storm right now but you’re going to discover why that is for yourself in a moment so keep reading.

Features Galore!!

Features, features, NativeAdBuzz has so many features… and the awesome thing about all these features is the simple fact they’re updating them all the time to keep a competitive edge over their competition which means great things for you.

Here’s a quick overview of the NativeAdBuzz search process.

  • Get yourself an active account first. They even offer a 7-day for $7 trial so test it out yourself.
  • Get your search terms in order. Search by keywords, Ad Publishers, Advertisers themselves, Landing Page Keywords, Networks, so many more options and you can even scale down to specific devices if you wish to.
  • Look through all the options available to you on the interface and adjust your search criteria at any time to see different results.
  • Cherry-pick all the best features of any ad you see, they’re all just sitting right at your fingertips waiting for you to pick and choose what you want.
  • Take all the glorious info you’ve collected and use it to come up with your own winning ads!

Features Galore!!

Sort your search results by things like:

  • How long a particular ad has been running. (The longer an ad runs the better it performs, you can use this little detail to mimic successful ads in your own campaigns) this takes all the guess-work out of the equation and you can just focus on running ads you know will work and make money doing it.
  • Check on ads to see if they’ve been running on social media sites such as Facebook & Twitter. If your goal is to build a loyal following on social media or just tap in the mountains of traffic they receive every single day then NativeAdBuzz will let you walk in and dominate any niche of your choice!
  • Want to target specific countries? Well now you can and NativeAdBuzz will help you do it with ease.


What sort of niche works best?

It doesn’t really matter what niche you’re in because Native Ad Buzz has you covered. It’s got advance algorithms running in the background which are constantly keeping tabs on different advertisements being ran all over the internet.

What if I don’t know what Ads I want to run?

You have access to all the ads you need for inspiration. Just pick your preferred subject, advertiser, or niche and set your parameters then begin browsing. Take a look at the top performers and duplicate what they’re doing (but take care not to just totally copy what they’ve got… that’s just not cool).

What if I don’t know what Ads I want to run?

You can dig as far into an ad as you want; it’s even possible to track down landing pages and you can even track down which offers are being promoted in case you wanted to set yourself up with new things to promote in the future- or just to see what the other guys are up to.


A simple example of a landing page you’ll be

able to spy on from inside NativeAdBuzz


Does it work for CPA Offers though?

You bet it does!

Can you imagine having access to a tool that will allow you to see a bunch of advertisements in your niche which are working (and which may not be working so well so you know what to stay away from) and then being able to use this extremely valuable information to make ads of your own that you know will do well right from the start? How many conversions do you think that could get your CPA offers?

My guess is a TON!

Offer Vault

OfferVault is a popular CPA curator; use it to find lots of offers to choose from.

Let’s talk price for a moment

If you’re in the native online advertising scene on any level chances are you may already be aware of some of those other guys out there which offer similar services to Native Ad Buzz. The thing about them is the difference in price for what they offer. These different service providers know that this type of data is priceless for anyone trying to get a leg-up on the competition and charging extremely high premium prices is something they can get away with. Heck, even Native Ad Buzz could get away with it if they wanted to… but that’s not what they chose to do.

Competitor prices can range as high as $329 per month… and that’s only for the “Basic Package” which is pretty steep, even for my taste. I’m not knocking their tools because they offer some super awesome stuff too, but if I can get away with having similar tools at a much cheaper price-point then I’m going to keep that extra cash in my pockets so I can invest it on more advertisements.



With three plans in effect you can choose which one works best for you and your budget. The awesome part about it is the fact you could start out with the $47 per month plan and upgrade when you start seeing a higher ROI thanks to the information you get from this awesome tool.

I think it goes without saying that the annual plan is the best bang for your marketing buck but we all understand that sometimes you just want to check stuff out, see if it’s a good fit… that’s why they offer that nifty $7 trial  😉

So, make the best use of NativeAdBuzz and win!

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