A List of Top Earning Programs for Affiliate Marketers in 2018

Back in early 2017 Amazon made major changes to their affiliate commission payouts which made a number of product categories far less profitable than they were before. Before this happened Amazon was king of the hill in the general goods affiliate game, and though this probably still holds true in some aspects simply do to it’s colossal size, it’s certainly spooked a lot of affiliates into searching for alternatives. We’re going to cover some of the high paying affiliate programs in this article so that you don’t have to scour the internet trying to find these things for yourself… though you can if you feel like it, of course.


I know it might seem silly to include this in the list but fact of the matter is that Amazon is one of the best affiliate programs to make money if you’ve got the traffic for it. They convert their prospects extremely well and the chances of you making a profit by promoting their goods is pretty high so long as you approach it with a serious intent.

Note: If you already have an Amazon account and are not operating under a separate business account (e.g. business license & etc) then you should use your preexisting account because Amazon has a strict rule against multiple accounts. Your personal account will then be split into to segments, one where you do your shopping and the other where you do your selling. You will use your same login details for both of these things.

Sight Up Here: Amazon Affiliate Program

Cookie Duration: 24 hours

Commission Rate: 1% – 10%

Product Type: Physical Goods (mostly)

Niche: Just About Everything

Who’s It For: Beginner – Intermediate Level Affiliates

Program Fee Rates

Above is a chart taken directly from Amazon’s own affiliate help pages. As you can see for yourself, the category selection is quite large and each category is broken down into sub-categories with even sub-categories of those. There are so many products available for sale on Amazon it’s ridiculous and you’re able to promote basically all of them!

The options in terms of websites one could build to promote products within specific niches can have nearly no limits if you want to use Amazon as the sole source of products to promote. The thing to keep in mind however is that it’s not very wise to use just one source for anything, you never know what might happen one day and that source can be gone overnight.


Do to the fact this is a major retail chain which also operates online, they offer quite a large selection of products spanning across multiple categories and niches. They aren’t quite as large as Amazon but they do still have you covered in many cases, you just might not be able to rely on them if you’re in some of the more obscure markets.

Sight Up Here: Target Affiliate Program

Cookie Duration: 7 Days

Commission Rate: 1% – 8%

Product Type: Physical Goods

Niche: Home Goods (mostly)

Who’s It For: Beginner – Intermediate Level Affiliates

Target Affiliate Program

Above is a simple chart taken off the Target Affiliate sign up page. It shows you in very simple terms what you can expect to earn based off the volume of sales and in which categories those sales are made. Something really nice about the Target program for affiliates is their week-long cookie which extends your possibility for commissions by seven which is a great thing. Do to this little fact it’s not unheard of for affiliates to earn as much as $13 per click (EPC – $13 Avg) which is pretty high in most cases where these types of affiliate programs are concerned. They’re definitely worth checking out.


I’m sure you’re familiar with this giant retailer so introductions won’t be necessary here. The up-side to promoting with Walmart is brand recognition, they have a huge brand which is widely recognized. The down-side is the fact that Walmart is known for their low prices which also translates over to their commission structure. This is not to say they aren’t still a solid option for affiliates, because they are. It’s simply the fact that you will have to put up with lower commissions in many cases.

Sight Up Here: Walmart Affiliate Program

Cookie Duration: 3 Days

Commission Rate: 1% – 4% (with few exceptions)

Product Type: Physical Goods

Niche: Home Goods (mostly)

Who’s It For: Beginner – Intermediate Level Affiliates

Walmart Affiliate Program

Above is Walmart’s commision chart taken from their affiliate sign up page. It reflects what you can expect to earn for various categories which ranges from 1% to 4% with a couple exceptions being ‘Contact Lenses’ at 10% and ‘Business / Personal Checks’ banking you a massive 18% commission! That could be great news if you fall into that niche, perhaps something to think about when you’re hunting for a new niche to add to your toolbelt.


Just about every affiliate marketer knows about this one. If you have a blog or website which could benefit from one of the many categories supported by Clickbank.com then you stand a fair chance of making great commissions with them. Though there is a certain trial-period one should go through anytime a new product is being promoted for the sake of finding the ‘winners’ vs. staying away from the ‘losers’ you have plenty of products to choose from within every category.

Sight Up Here: Clickbank Affiliate Program

Cookie Duration: Varies For Each Product

Commission Rate: Varies For Each Product

Product Type: Mostly Digital With Some Physical Goods

Niche: A Wide Selection

Who’s It For: Beginner – Intermediate Level Affiliates

Clickbank Affiliate Program

Chances are good that if you’re reading this then you probably already have an account with Clickbank but it’s well worth a mention in this list for the simple fact it’s stood the test of time. A quick note about selecting a product to promote off the clickbank marketplace… By default upon entering the marketplace page you’ll find that products are organized by ‘popularity’ which is perfectly fine. The alternative often suggested is to organize products via ‘gravity’ which also works. If you look off to the far left side of the page you’ll have a number of sliders for various attributes and among them is the gravity option. You can play with that to find what it brings you but a good place to start in most cases is a minimum gravity of Five (5) with no maximum. Testing has dictated that anything below a gravity of five can often times lead to mixed results with conversions.

Powerhouse Affiliate

Yes, we have one of the high paying affiliate programs
and a private CPA Network to boot! (for active members of powerhouse that is). Not only could you learn how to take the affiliate programs listed above and earn great profits from your commissions, but you can also run a program on the side with what you learn from us to add yet another stream of income to your bottom-line. Powerhouse Affiliate prides itself on teaching any level of affiliate from the absolute beginner to the advanced, there’s always something to learn in this industry and we’re always working to bring you what you need to know in order to not only survive in this cutthroat industry, but to thrive in it!

Did I mention that our commissions are monthly, recurring commissions? You will keep earning for as long as your referrals remain active members with Powerhouse Affiliate. Pretty nice, right?

Sight Up Here: Powerhouse Affiliate Program

Cookie Duration: 3 Months

Commission Rate: 50% Per SignUp (then 10% & 5% tier based)

Product Type: Digital Training Product

Niche: Affiliate / Performance Marketing

Who’s It For: Beginner – Advanced Level Affiliates

Powerhouse Affiliate Program

Powerhouse Affiliate offers one of the most lucrative affiliate programs on the market for the niche we’re in.

Not only do you earn 50% off the top but you can also earn up to two levels deep for those affiliates you refer to our program.

This means that if you refer a new member into Powerhouse Affiliate and they do the same then you earn your initial 50% plus an extra 10% of their referral. And… if they happen to refer yet another member you’ll earn yet another 5% from that sign up!

This means you have the potential to earn a total of 65% commision based on just a single signup on your part, that’s one hefty commision.

We also offer something called the Mentor Bonus which will earn you a flat-rate extra bonus based on the number of new members you bring on to the site. This is where our affiliate program really shines as you have potential to earn quite a nice chunk of revenue from this. I won’t ruin the surprise for you here… You’ll just have to go take a peek at the Affiliates page yourself to take it all in!

You can do so by clicking the link provided above or simply click our logo below which will take you there too.

Powerhouse Affiliate

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