Best A/B Testing Ideas To Boost Affiliate Performance

You hear it all the time… “just get started” and that’s excellent advice, no doubt about it. However, where do you go after that? Well, if you’re like most top level marketers in the affiliate marketing game then you go to the next level up and then the next level higher from there. How this is done is through fine-tuning the performance through split testing marketing, keeping the winners and learning from the losers. We’re going to discuss some of the more popular A/B Testing methods to get this done, share a few ideas to help you with your own tests and finish off with a recommendation to really kickstart things in the right direction… let’s get started!

A/B Test With One Image At A Time

Sure, there may be cases where you would want to throw a bunch of images into a carousel and just “see how it does” and there’s nothing wrong with that too… but unless you have your tracking set up to show stats for each one of those individual images and how they perform, you’re not going to get the absolute best data you could be getting when compared to just setting up your ads using one image at a time for each one, then testing alternative ads with different images (while keeping all the rest of the details the same). It is not at all uncommon for a marketer to set up a handful of identical ads, each with their own unique images to see which ones are performing best.

A prime example of this would be Facebook marketing which allows you to select a number of images for a single ad and then Facebook will cycle through each image for every view that image gets. Another example of this would be on your own blog which may have a carousel loaded up with many images for a certain product or offer. If this serves some particular purpose such as showcasing different details of a product then it may suit you just fine to keep it this way. However, if it’s only meant to show off different angles of something for instance, then you may want to test performance with one image at a time and then choose the best one.

Use A Promising Proposition Or Guarantee

Unless you’re already a well established brand you don’t have the benefit of recognition and trust. This means you need to spell it out for the customer or they’re going to be left wondering “why should I buy this from you?” and we don’t want that. Have a dedicated section on your website which points out the value your customers will get if they choose to purchase from you. Make it obvious how this thing on offer (be it a product or service) will benefit them and be sure to let them know this in no uncertain details… in other words, spell it out for them. Use bullet points if you have to. Keep your text short and punchy, but also direct and to the point. Test multiple versions of this with respect to the visual style of how you lay each detail out, the actual ad-copy for each point you make and any other detail you come up with which you’d like to test.

Prominently Displayed Contact Details

This one seems rather obvious but it’s important that you have an email address people can contact at the very least, and it needs to be displayed somewhere super obvious which people can see without having to dig too deep for details. In many cases this will do just fine inside of a footer link which says “contact us” or something like that. However, if you want to test other options to give your potential customers that extra sense of security then you can try displaying your contact details directly on the website, out in the open. The upper-right corner is often a good focal point for anything you want your website visitors to see. Test it out, see what works best for your website and your own personal style.

Make All Discounts & Special Offers Obvious

If you have an offer page which aims to sell something and there is a sale going on, or some sort of discount is available then  you want to make it extremely obvious to all who view this page that there is a discount they can take advantage of. Where the a/b testing methodology comes into play is how you present this discount visually. Things like graphics, visual representations such as a sticker price with a visual slash through it and the discounted price shown right next to it, ad copy which points out there is a sale or discount going on and time is running out, anything of the sort is all worth testing. Something to keep in mind is how strongly people react to visual representations. Price slashing is a prime example of this, there’s a reason why you often see a price literally cut in half and then the new price shown in its place during television commercials… because it works!

Play Around With Your Descriptions

This falls into the realm of sales copy which is not to be taken lightly… it’s extremely important. However, if you’re still in the testing phase and don’t yet have your sales pitch down then it wouldn’t hurt you to test out alternative versions of a sales pitch and then run it past a few people to see which one works better for its intended result. You can have a few versions ready to go and then set up an actual A/B split test, keeping the higher performing page and then testing again, repeating this as many times as required to get the absolute best result. This one can get a little tricky though so be sure to test with a high enough traffic numbers (at least 100 views per test, per page) if you’re going to test it live. Preferably you’ll want to double or even triple this test pool but if 100 views is all you can get (per page) then you’ll do fine with that. Do not test with anything less than this or you won’t get solid data to go on and your results will be skewed.

Try A Video Sales Letter (VSL)

Having these produced at a decent quality for an inexpensive price is still possible thanks to sites like and all it’s competitors. You may not be able to get them for just five dollars anymore (at least not anything with good enough quality) but you can still have them inexpensively produced for a fair price. Test out different styles of video, demonstrate, illustrate and otherwise showcase various aspects of the offer on hand and see which video performs best for you, then keep the winner. If you make these videos yourself then all the above still applies. If you can only afford to have one video made then test your results with and without a video, although chances are anything with a video will perform better in many cases.

Use Lightbox Style Email Forms

A lightbox style form is one which pops up on a webpage and takes over the page. Do to the terms of service in many ad networks, you can’t have a pop-up which takes away the visitors ability to close the page or click away from the pop-up, which is not a problem. Keep your lightboxes short and simple, only ask for the info you need such as an email and name… or just the email if you wish. Make them look friendly and inviting, don’t have too many words on them and only use the type which allow the visitor to close the box and keep going without any hassle. Test things such as when to make this box pop up, should it be set on a timer or should it be upon exit of the page? Test the visual style of the box and various text styles, as well as the actual ad-copy itself contained on the form. These are super simple to implement with a plugin if you’re using WordPress.

Build Your Own Email Lists & Use Them

Have an automatic message go out upon every signup which introduces yourself or your business and inform the new member to your list of what they can expect from you. Give them anything you may have offered them in order to entice them to sign up to your list (if you have in fact offered anything) and then don’t hesitate messaging your list in the future. Spamming is bad, but if you have offers or information you can share with your list then do it regularly.

Another great benefit of building email lists is the fact that in many cases you can use these emails to help build retargeting campaigns for advertising. This is a subject all to it’s own and something which we do teach inside the member’s area of Powerhouse Affiliate. For further details on ecommerce A/B testing ideas or earning money with affiliate marketing, feel free to check us out… click on our logo below and we’ll take you there.

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