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8 Tips for Cashing in With Facebook Mobile Ads

Mobile affiliate marketing particularly on Facebook, is something that you must seriously consider if you want server crashing traffic that’s cheap.

facebook mobile ads

Facebook is no longer just a social media site to upload and share your pictures. It is growing to be one of the largest money making sites there is for affiliates. If you know how to make money on Facebook, you can reap the benefits of Facebook ads.

I’m sure, while browsing through your newsfeed you may have come across a wide variety of sponsored stories and ads. If these ads have ever caught your attention to lead you to a page that promotes a product or business, and has numerous posts containing links that will take you to sites where you can purchase the product from, you can be assured that some smart, tech savvy person, is receiving a commission for advertising the product and bringing you to it.

Facebook is a huge platform for affiliate marketers to make good revenue.

With the right guidelines on building a great mobile campaign/ad, and for using Facebook mobile to attract users, you can achieve higher CTR (Click-Through Rate), which will increase your revenue.

Bottom line is you will get much cheaper clicks on mobile, especially if you target other countries aside from the most popular like US, CAN, UK, AUS.

Facebook is on 3 of every 4 smartphones, and more than half of Facebook’s users log in every day. Your ads are more likely to be clicked on if you make good use of Facebook.

Most online advertising even through mobile devices reaches only 27% of its intended audience. Facebook’s average is 91%. Your business will begin to shine with Facebook’s ad feature.  Refer here for more details.

How to Build a Perfectly Optimized Mobile Ad Campaign for Facebook

  1.  Test the Facebook Ads You Create

Start with 10 – 15 ads (at least) and test specific aspects of each ad before moving on to another test. There are so many things you can test like countries, images, targets, wording, headlines, and much more. If you try and test everything at once and make multiple changes, you will never know what changes really made the difference!

Start by just testing single aspects like different images, taglines etc. to try and get a high click through rate. Once your ad has a decent click through rate move on to testing different headlines and sentences. Eventually, you’ll have a fairly good idea of what pulls the traffic and customers in, and these ads should be what you start with when trying new countries.


2. Rotate Landers and Offers With Tracking Software

This is where a tracking system like CPV lab is essential. You should constantly split test your landing pages, and even offers. You can do this easily inside CPV lab and set percentages for which landing page is delivered more. For example, if one lander is your top performer, you can split test the other one at 10% so only 1 in ten people would go to your new landing page. The real winners are constantly testing. There is never a perfectly optimized campaign.

Top affiliates constantly study which ads, get the most clicks and impressions, which landing pages get the most click through, and ultimately which ones convert best. If you don’t use tracking, you can kiss your money goodbye…

3. Best Performing Ad Types for Mobile?

This can be different depending on your audience but we have done several tests with our own internal traffic.

On Facebook, the sponsored posts (or promoted posts) advertisements seem to get extremely good results in our tests. You can make your Facebook ads inside the Facebook Ad editor using Google chrome browser.

So basically that means you create a Facebook fan page, then create an enticing post that acts as an advertisement to get people to click to your landing page.

Once the post is created you can go into the Facebook ads editor and create an ad using that post and when people click on the post it will actually link to your website, not the Facebook Page post!

Another option is video which many are claiming to be the most powerful tool that involves using video on Facebook and leveraging the promoted post ads option in the Facebook Ads Manager. If using a video always make sure to use a very catchy thumbnail for your video!

For example if you are targeting males post can include a video thumbnail or even just a banner like the following example. This might work well for high click through rates!Capture

The idea is to catch a user’s attention. Whether you use a video or a banner above the idea is to get them to go to your landing page or direct link to an offer. Try creating banners, using limited words, more colors and images so as to catch attention easily. Make sure if they click above, that when they arrive on your landing page you continue with the same story! When writing your ad think about your audience and what makes them respond.

4. Optimize for Mobile Users

The reason you’re creating an ad for Facebook mobile is so that users can access the webpage from their portable device. See to it that the page you link them to, is mobile optimized! It must be a hassle-free experience to access the site and convert.

Ask your affiliate managers for mobile optimized offers or check out the mobile sections inside most CPA networks.

5. Stay on Point

Mobile users multitask because mobile devices allow you to have many apps open at once. You want to make sure that you are able to get your point across quickly, using instant relevancy, bite-sized information units, simplified actions, etc.

6. Choosing the offers

Mobile traffic can be extremely cheap! The easiest way to find offers is to ask your AM at your affiliate network.

Everyone always says single opt in, Gaming, Zip submits, Email submits, and other offers that require little action from users can be very effective. However, we have also seen a lot of people breaking out their credit cards and going for the big ticket items using their mobile! That means higher CPA affiliate offers will work. The game is changing and everyone uses their mobile for practically everything – that includes shopping.

7. Study Your Target Market Before Buying Traffic

Facebook gives you simplified options of the kind of audience you want to target. You can choose to target audiences by location, age, gender, interests, connections languages, education etc. This helps in zeroing in on certain types of audiences.

If possible, you want to target countries with cheaper click costs (CPC or PPC). This will help reduce your overall CTR expenses. Countries like the UK, France, Germany, Mexico, and areas in South America or Asia have comparatively lesser click costs than other countries. So targeting these countries to market the offer you are promoting  becomes a process that doesn’t burn holes through pockets.

8. Start With CPC

Facebook allows advertisers to purchase ad space on a click-based or impression- based fee structure. This allows you to modify your ad campaign based on your budget and other preferences. Most people like to start with CPC since you know exactly what you will be paying per click. Once you think you have a high CTR ad, then CPM may result in even cheaper clicks. However some argue against that and say that if you have a larger budget perhaps CPM is the way to go since you know your ads will be delivered quickly.

This is Just the Beginning

A recent study showed that  Facebook mobile ads are clicked 13 times more than desktop ads, and allow you to earn 11 times more money than its desktop counterpart.

Facebook mobile ads are gaining more and more popularity as people are starting to realize how efficient and easy it is to gain the attention of their target audience.

Facebook is constantly coming up with new features to make the ad experience more appealing.

Educate yourself, and don’t limit yourself to just the photos, likes and shares on Facebook.

As you can see, it is a world of opportunities especially for affiliate marketing.

Thanks for reading! I am a FULL TIME Affiliate who has been doing this stuff online since 2002. Hit me up in the forum if you have questions or comments. Go to Powerhouse Affiliate and join now!

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