7 YouTube Affiliate Marketing Tips To Drive Traffic And Make Money

Video streaming is a great way for affiliate marketers to drive traffic to their websites. With around 60 hours of footage being uploaded to YouTube every minute, the site presents a great opportunity for creating a brand name and following which will eventually mean conversions. We bring you below a few steps to ensuring you do not miss out on the crazy traffic being driven through YouTube nowadays and make the best possible use of YouTube affiliate marketing.

Create a Channel

Online video streaming website, YouTube has improved from hosting just videos to now hosting entire channels with subscriptions. The portal is aiming to bring all the facets of TV to the internet by offering channel access to visitors with their one-channel layout. Advertisers will have the benefit of catering to multiple audiences and the convenience of having all content on one screen. Creating a channel would also help convert the non-subscribers into loyal customers by offering consistent valuable content.

Creating channel icons helps in branding too. To have an effective impact, the channel icon has to be treated as a display picture by which you are visually identified. When uploading, remember that the picture quality has to be 800px by 800px for good quality but also not to consume too much space.

Check out my DayJobHacks YouTube channel for a perfect example of how to build a channel around a brand.

Try Small Trailer Uploads

Uploading trailers will help in promoting your channel. The trailer will also help in getting new visitors and will enable viewers to get acquainted with your channel and eventually get them to subscribe.

YouTube will offer options such as selecting trailers from existing videos. The channel could also post a YouTube URL.

An example of an optimized channel trailer is the Orange Channel. The channel diversified its description with links to online advertising which includes mobile games downloads, Twitter handles to follow the channel, and updates as well as online purchasing and offer announcements.

Regular Content Creation

In order to increase visibility and presence on YouTube, it is recommended that the channel and its content be updated regularly. This will help increase active users who see new content changes frequently which will result in increasing new users. According to experts, one video per week is the bare optimum. But the channel can decide the frequency of the video uploads based on their targets and level of content.

Small and short edits of longer content are some of the simplest ways to keep a continuous cache of relevant videos. Craftily edited videos around themes will keep the flavor of the channel going. The short versions will arouse curiosity and interest resulting in users coming back for continuity and constant engagement.

YouTube Optimization

But meticulous planning and editing of videos are not enough to generate hype and following.

YouTube has over 60 hours of videos being uploaded each minute. The process of video creation and the interest and curiosity it generates will only take you half the distance you want to go.

Optimization is the answer to ensure success.

Breaking it down further, we look at the Metadata.

Metadata refers to the tags, title and description of the uploaded video. Planning these three components will increase the chances of the video being viewed as the right wording will make it show up under multiple search options and various links as well, thereby broadening your audience.

Increase your chances of getting the user to your page by adding useful links in the first 1-2 sentences. Try to incorporate this method as YouTube truncates the description and only the first two lines under the video are visible to the viewer.

Usage of simple yet relevant keywords will increase the chances of the video showing up under multiple searches. Complicated terminology has to be simplified which will bring a balance that is SEO friendly.

Every URL should incorporate more information about you. The links should direct viewers to Facebook and Twitter presence, related websites, blogs and relevant news articles.


Always place important terms first and keep the wording simple. This would optimize search results. Gauge what a viewer would look for on the site. Wording and the number of tags will make the search easier and more precise.


Always be updated with relevant data, statistics, and feedback on uploaded videos to be informed on the relevancy of content and the interests of viewers. Some of the important aspects that you should analyze include viewership, source of traffic, and the average time of video watched.


YouTube updates the total viewership each time the video is viewed. Dwell deeper to understand the choice of the audience, identify trends like which days are busier and analyze why specific videos are more viewed than others. Take a close look and identify the main driver of the success; taglines or the source of the hype which triggered increased views. Viewer feedback can help identify some useful tips. Using feedback would help avoid the mistakes made in previous uploads and help increase the viewership of your other videos.

Time Viewed

The length of the video is important to gauge the average time of viewership of uploaded videos. This will help you understand the basics of the performance of the upload.

Information on the time viewed is useful to measure its efficiency as YouTube has a discovery algorithm to optimize search results.

Utilize information such as the average time of viewing and capitalize on these parameters to promote your channel and other videos.

Viewer Traffic

Identifying the source of the traffic would let you analyze how a viewer chanced upon your content. This information can help increase efficiency with the creation of thumbnails, tags other metadata components. The ‘other features’ on YouTube will let you view the source of the traffic from annotations. Track a video in a short time after they are uploaded to narrow down the cause of the hype.

Collaborate and Cross-promote

Look out for similar channels and actively interact with them to tap viewers. Use their platform to promote your content and give them the same convenience to reach out to a wider audience together.

In Conclusion

Highly successful videos will have an element of community, as Kevin Allocca, Youtube Trends Manager, explained. With the entire world connected, the video becomes a form of interaction.

Track and be more interactive with your community. This will help strategize feedback, create a personal connection and optimize your content. The personal connection of a video where you are acoustical and visible will help you engage with the community resulting in an increase of following.

Have you used YouTube to drive traffic? What has your experience been? Got something valuable to share about YouTube affiliate marketing? We’d love to know in the comments.

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