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7 Ideas For Promoting Irresistible Affiliate Offers



You may have the best idea in the world, but how do you pitch that to consumers who are exposed to thousands or more advertisements on a weekly basis? Here are some tips on affiliate marketing promotion methods that entice your audience to give you their sweet “Yes!”

1. Exclusivity in Affiliate Offers

Consumers by nature feel the need to be treated special; make them feel like it. The more exclusive an offer is, the more desirable it becomes. Showcase offers that would attract the feeling of exclusivity – monthly freebies, member-only additional discounts, first pick on an offer, etc. These are ways to lure your audience to sign-up for your offer.

how to promote affiliate links without website

Citibank gives pre-sales access to cardholders on concert and event tickets.

2. Create a sense of urgency

Think about a Black Friday sale – you end up buying an item you do not need just because the price will not be the same the day after the sale. Apply the principle of demand and supply >> if supply is low evidently demand soars. Try out limited time & quantity offers to your audience – Buy 1, Get 1, 50% today only or even both. One of the best way to promote affiliate products.

best way to promote affiliate links

Target is moms who Buy baby products >> Show them a limited time sale offer plus a gift card.

3. Boost Value

A consumer’s purchase decision is always based on the value that the brand sells. Brands gain loyalty from their consumers not just for being the first one to innovate, but also to outdo competition. Highlight the value in your offers – what would your audience get when they buy the product you are promoting versus competitors?

best way to promote affiliate links

Samsung and Apple are tech leaders in the mobile phone industry and Samsung is known to advertise how Apple’s product has lesser value. In the ad, they showcase the S6’s 16MP camera comparison to that of iPhone 6’s 8MP.

4. Observe Trends

Consumers are most likely to purchase the hottest trends in town. Keep your ears glued onto these trends and launch offers that your consumers can relate to.

best way to promote affiliate products

TurboTax offers discounts right before the tax deadline which pushes the audience to avail of the service.

5. Copy Matters

Be as creative as possible but do not go overboard. No one wants to read a boring ad copy nor image. Your statement must be short and should create an impact to your audience.

affiliate marketing promotion methods

Canon touches moms and parents-to-be with their ad copy which touches on emotions.

6. Phasing is Important

From an audience searching for a product to actually considering purchase, your call-to-action varies. Capture each phase with different creatives or ad copies. This way, you avoid eyeball burn out. It is one of the best way to promote affiliate links

CTA for Search – View Deals

CTA for Purchase – Buy Now

promote affiliate links

Groupon runs several ads under their travel category. They have generic travel ads which lead to the category page and a specific deal ad which lands on the particular deal.


7. Avoid clichés

Audiences are tired of seeing ads with 70% off only to find out there are only 5 items on the affiliate landing pages with such discount. Stay away from using familiar discounted ad copies.

best way to promote affiliate products

Home Depot featured a product with a slashed price. This is a great way to compare savings instead of the usual, “price starts at” or “save as much as”.

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