Many are calling the upcoming year ‘The Year of Mobiles’. Desktops and PCs are fast being replaced by mobiles and tablets. People prefer to have their technology and communication accessible on the go. With this shift in perspective, mobile affiliate marketing is starting to take a strong hold and is gaining momentum quickly. Here are some of the biggest challenges faced in mobile affiliate marketing, and how to overcome current challenges of affiliate marketing.

 Mobile Affiliate Marketing

1. Lack of Substantial Affiliate Advertising Compatible Destinations

While affiliate advertising has been an ongoing trend in the digital space, very few advertisers have reinvented themselves for the mobile sector. On a small 2 inch mobile screen, advertisers need to position themselves smartly to be noticed without being distracting and interfering for the user. Affiliate advertisers need to wake up to the fact that more and more people are going mobile. Users spend a large part of their day interacting with various application interfaces on their hand held devices. So we need to increase the number of applications and programs that are affiliate marketing compatible and integrate the systems to draw maximum users and promote the right products

2. Not Optimizing the Data

Affiliate marketers hold a substantial amount of data that they can use for promotions. However many a times, marketers do not exploit the data to reap the maximum benefits. Users like to engage and interact with different, new and updated content every day. Optimizing the data and content can lead to increased consumer interactions by improving the user relevancy and the user experience.

3. Letting Affiliate Links Go Stale

Many mobile apps get introduced to the mobile as software. This works differently as compared to links which open up as websites, thus leading to a different user experience. In a software based system the user needs to constantly refresh and update the links, or else they will remain unused and ineffective. Instead if the marketer can develop a content management system which keeps track of the status of the links and provides timely updates it will help to keep the content more relevant. This can be done by reworking and creating a management system through the application programming interface.

4. Failing to Use Ad Rotators

You cannot continue to display the same creative over and over again and expect increased results. It is important to conduct split test for optimizing the display ads. With mobile ad rotators, the creative will repeatedly change and appear fresh, which will encourage more interactions,

5. Failing to use Device Recognition Systems

Many a times, advertisers do not create a mobile optimized landing page, and this creates poor user experience. The landing page for a PC or laptop will be distinctly different from a mobile optimized one. While undertaking affiliate marketing it is necessary to have a system which recognizes the device and accordingly leads the user to an appropriate landing page. This provides better navigation and improved efficiency which can lead to more conversions.

6. Poor App Tracking Management System

Having a pop up block your experience on a page can be extremely frustrating. But many advertisers use this method for tracking the users. As a result, they may lose many users due to a poor tracking experience. It is better to use a ‘digital fingerprint’ based tracking system to ensure there is no disruption in the navigation for the user.

7. Continuing with Traditional Attribution Models

With the increasing number of multi touch-point portals on digital and mobile media, following a traditional click-based attribution model may no long be profitable. It may invalidate some aspects of newer business models such as e-commerce models etc. A smart affiliate marketer must continue to evaluate and innovate as to how to bring their proposition into the users digital journey without interference. It is necessary to involve different platforms like paid search, social media, retargeting etc and constantly keep updating.

Keep these simple points in mind and it can help you to truly optimize your mobile affiliate marketing and take it to soaring new heights.

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