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6 Things Every Affiliate Landing Page Should Have

In deciding on an affiliate marketing landing page design take note of the following things that drastically increase conversions!

1. Elements that successfully drive results


2. Consistency of Ad and Landing Page

Your audience clicks on your ad because they are interested in your offer and they feel the need to have a look at it. If you create an ad, always check that your offer’s description on your ad, its call-to-action and landing page for affiliate products has the same content. This way you are able to bridge your ad’s messaging to your audience’s expectation.

Company A – Direct Link

Sample A

Company B – Mapfre

Sample B

Clearly, Direct Link’s landing page above is consistent with its ad. When a user clicks on the ad, he or she is redirected to a page which immediately gathers information for a quote. Meanwhile, Mapfre’s ad which states “Easy as 1,2,3” does not match its landing page. You actually have to navigate to a new page to get a quote and take note, the call to action is at the bottom of the page. (fail)

3. Keep It Simple

This is a basic rule for any designer. Try using less text or graphics on your landing page. The best affiliate landing pages are clutter free and allow your audience to focus on their sign-up form instead of reading around and later forgetting to sign up. This pretty much defeats the purpose of creating a landing page right?

4. Emphasize Advantage

Pick a one-liner statement that would be your key benefit which will serve as your product/brand supporting element headline. A catchy phrase will beat a long detailed explanation as to why your audience should fill out the form.

5. Promote Social Sharing

Sharing will bring your landing page more audience without cost. Place social sharing buttons in your affiliate marketing landing page to bring you more traffic. If the landing page has been previously shared by a prospect to his circle, it may denote a positive feedback for the offer being promoted.

6. Call to Action

You need to be straight to the point and tell the visitor exactly what they need to do when they arrive on your page. Don’t be vague and don’t be afraid to be extremely direct and offer a step by step explanation on what they need to do in order to satisfy your conversion!


Remember, your landing page is your gateway to sales. Without a proper design, and without constant testing you can be leaving money on the table.

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