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6 Solid Reasons Your Website Won’t Rank In Google

We’ve been talking a lot about websites and how important they are to establish your brand and presence in the marketing world. Well, we’re going to continue with this trend because a lot of questions have been floating around asking “why isn’t my website ranking in the search results” so that’s what we’re going to address in today’s handy read.

The good news is that most of this stuff is super simple and pretty easy to fix thanks to the way the search algorithms work these days. Long gone are the days of testing something out and waiting weeks for results, now you can oftentimes test something out and see it’s effect in just days.

Big Fish In A Bigger Pond:

If you are tensed that why my website is not showing in Google search then this point is pretty important. This is why we’ll address it at the top of the list. Although it’s admirable to aim for the stars and hope you hit the moon, you’re going to have a really difficult time when you’re a small fri amongst juggernauts!

Over the past few years Google has rolled out a number of big changes to the way their search engine displays results. It’s no longer enough to just use the right keywords, display the right images and put it all into longform content… that simply won’t do the trick in many cases anymore. It’s now all about who’s web page has the best resource to get the job done? Let’s say someone is searching for the latest and greatest smartphone and they want to know where they can get it for the cheapest price.

There are so many websites all fighting for a spot on that front page that Google had to find a way to let the best of the best (and most credible) rise to the top, and they’ve figured it out. There are ranking systems for both individual pages as well as entire websites and if you want the answer to something the search results will now look first to those higher authority sites to see if they have anything useful, then the rest of the rankings will continue on down from there.

What this means is that if you are attempting to jump into a new niche and have a website which is not already somewhat established then you’re going to have an uphill battle to rank anything. Don’t get discouraged over this, it’s not impossible but it will take some effort and most certainly some time. Just keep producing content that you know will help your readers and you’ll stand a far higher chance of getting at least on the first three pages of search results.

Your Website Just Isn’t Indexed Yet:

This one is super simple to fix. All you have to do is ping Google’s Submit URL tool to notify it to checkout your webpages. It usually doesn’t take very long to get your site indexed from this point. There are other ways to do this such as sharing your links around places that Google crawls regularly in an effort to lay a simple trail to follow but the quickest and most assured way is to just ping your site directly to Google. Here is a helpful page which explains how the process works: Submit URLs to Google

Your Site Isn’t Friendly To Mobile Users:

This is one of the other reasons that why does your website not show up on Google. as we all know that at present, all around the world people are using their phones to browse the web more than ever before. As a direct result of this, it’s become ever more important to be sure your website is capable of adapting it’s layout to fit across many different sized screens which is where the concept of adaptable themes comes from. Luckily the majority of modern WordPress themes now come fully equipped with mobile ready versions or fully adaptable and resizable elements. If your webpage are labeled as not mobile friendly by Google’s own mobile tool you’re probably going to notice a drop in your search rankings. Take a look at this link to visit the tool yourself: Mobile Friendly Test Tool

Your Site Loads Way Too Slow:

If you’re using WordPress to build your websites or blogs then you’re in good hands, however, if you get a bit too happy with all the great plug-ins then you’re treading on thin ice. It’s very easy to get carried away with all the excellent options so use caution when choosing plug-ins for your sites. On the other hand, if you’re using a theme which isn’t very well optimized you stand the chance of running into poor optimization so always check the ratings and comments for every theme you’ve got your sights on.

Your Backlinks Raise Red Flags:

I’m willing to bet you’ve heard something about building backlinks or “off site seo” in order to push your ranks higher on those SERPs. Well, things have changed and it’s now become very risky to rely on backlinking strategies in order to synthetically boost your page ranks. Now, if you happen to be getting those links via completely ethical means such as guests posts and sharing links in social spots where they’re welcomed then this doesn’t apply to you, nope. However, if you are out there using things like PBN’s (private blog networks) and blackhat methods to kick those backlink numbers up then you are putting your web properties at risk for a huge slap from Google and probably other search engines also.

One more important thing to consider is where your backlinks are coming from. If you’ve got a ton of pages which have nothing to do with the content on your own page linking back to you, that looks suspicious. Google takes into account the fact that other’s linking back to your website is out of your control, however, if you are building links at random and not taking into account where they’re coming from you’re probably going to find those links will hurt more than they’ll help.

Your On-Page SEO Is Over Optimized:

Keyword stuffing has been a thing of the past for a very long time. Not only does Google’s search engine bring up results for similar words to those specifically searched for which means you can now rank for related keywords, but you can sometimes find your pages ranking for loosely related keywords provided the content on your page is closely related to the purpose of the search. So, let’s say someone is searching for “home gym” because they want to start the process of getting into shape. If you had a page promoting a specific home gym or if you were to produce content pertaining to home workouts you could very well wind up with that web page ranking somewhere near the top of the search results pending your competition and the overall authority of your own website.

Above All… Content Is Still King

Yes it’s absolutely true, now more than ever. The search engines are always getting smarter which means if you’re in the business of playing a game of cat & mouse with them, you’re eventually going to lose. Don’t waste all that time and effort trying to pull one over on a machine which learns faster than you do, spend your time doing things the right way!

We’re constantly working behind the scenes to stay on the bleeding edge of marketing and advertising methods. We know what works now, what doesn’t work anymore and we’re always passing the buck on to our members and affiliates. Come check us out… click our logo and see what we can offer you to pull your next level up to it’s next level.

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