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5 Ways To Bank With Your Email List


So, you’ve got an email list but now you’re wondering what to do with it? No problem there because we’re going to cover some email marketing best practices along with a few email marketing strategies that you can use today and hopefully start seeing some of those sweet rewards for all your hard work on building that list. A really quick note before we get started. Email marketing software exists in a variety of forms and the one we’ll be covering today will be Aweber, it’s simply the best email marketing software around if you ask me.

Is This Just Another Email Marketing Tutorial

To put it simply… No, absolutely not. But you’re going to learn some valuable stuff with these email marketing tips anyway. I think this goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway, you need an email list for this stuff to be any sort of useful to you. If you don’t have one, don’t sweat it because building an email list is actually going to be a topic we’ll cover next week. Be on the lookout for that if you’re interested in learning how to build an email list no matter if you’ve got money to spend on advertising or if you’re flat-broke! After all, what is email marketing when you don’t have a list… am I right.

Selling Products & Services As An Affiliate

It really doesn’t matter what niche you are in, chances are you can find something to offer your subscribers if you look. There are different schools of thought when it comes to affiliate promotions such as the ‘churn and burn’ method where you basically just keep building a list of email subscribers and hitting them with product offers one after the other, back to back. This definitely works in the short term but your subscribers will absolutely hate you for it and end up unsubscribing from your list; typically in just a matter of days to a few short weeks.

Sometimes this is a email marketing strategy if you happen to be in a niche that supports this sort of short-term marketing strategy. If this is the case then by all means give it a shot. Just be forewarned that you do run the risk of more spam complaints and that could potentially put your account at Aweber or any other email marketing service provider at risk.

Sell Your Own Products To Your List

Chances are that if you’ve been thinking about affiliate marketing you’ve probably played with the idea of creating and selling your own products too. This is always an excellent idea and not only for the potential profits it can bring in but also for the gained recognition and authority you’ll receive from your subscribers.

Think about this for a moment, what sounds better to you? “I know where you can buy a training course to learn about…” just fill in the blank there. Or “I’ve created a comprehensive training course which walks you through, step by step how to…” and again, fill in the blank.

The best way to find success selling your own courses besides making killer deals with great Joint Venture Partners is to promote your stuff to your own email list with a email marketing plan. You can do things like give your list exclusive offers and special discounts or deals which are available only to your list, this in its self will be an incentive for people interested in your niche to sign up. You can also use your own email marketing list to test brand new products you’re thinking about launching on the market and get a feel for how it may be received; maybe even get some reviews to help boost initial launch sales.

Maybe you have a blog, it could be an email marketing blog for example, and you want to get the word out on your brand new post. Send a fresh broadcast to your email lists and let them know what’s up, chances are you’ll see a nice spike in traffic to get the ball rolling.

Sell Solo Ads To Your List

Some extremely popular email marketing strategies involve splitting your email lists up into different sections. You’ll have your super responsive buyers contained in one list. Another list could be people who maybe aren’t so responsive but you still want to hold onto them and send them great free offers in hopes that maybe they’ll finally buy something of interest from one of your promotions in the future.

One thing you can do is branch your lists into a solo ad list which you would use to promote other marketer’s offers to your own list and charge them a fee. Some people make their entire income this way and it’s certainly a viable business model if you do it ethically and keep your offers and lists clean.

With sites like it’s possible to offer your email lists up for rent so people who might want to try your list out can strike up a deal and pay you just for sending out emails. An entire lesson on how to use sites like Udimi could be a good idea if this idea is of any interest to you. I’d suggest checking out their website along with looking at a few tutorials on YouTube regarding how to use their site and get set up with your own list.

If you don’t yet have a list of your own or if you are looking for a new place to buy solo ads to build your current lists then Udimi is a great place to check out. It offers honest reviews of solo ad providers and breaks email lists and solo ad providers down into niche categories and stuff to make your job all the easier. Either way, Udimi is an awesome email marketing service you should check out if you haven’t already.

Sell Ad Space In Your Emails & Newsletters

One more idea to add to your bag of email marketing tools is selling ad space in your own lists. Maybe you’re thinking of starting, or already have a newsletter and you want to monetize it. Why not sell ad space at the bottom of your email broadcasts to advertisers who would love to get in front of your audience.

This is actually a very popular method used by a lot of the bigger e-zines and for good reason too. When you have a list of a decent size and the reputation to back it up you can command some pretty decent prices for that valuable ad space on those emails.

If you lay out your emails in a fancy marketing template you could fit a space or two at the bottom of every broadcast you send out which will feature one or two “sponsored ads” and if you keep things neat and tidy those ads won’t get in the way of anything and people really don’t seem to mind them very much if they are kept relevant and offer something your subscribers might actually be interested in.

For anyone who has a rather large, responsive list, charging prices like $100 and up per ad per email broadcast isn’t unheard of. It all just depends on your niche, the quality and responsiveness of your lists and it of course helps if you can build up a bit of a favorable reputation.

This method of selling ad space in your emails instead of just selling actual solo ads, which is typically selling an entire email broadcast as the ad itself, is just another method to put your email list to work for you.

Thank You Pages

Anytime someone new signs up for your email lists they’re generally taken to what’s called a “thank you page.” These pages are highly customizable in Aweber so coming up with something that can help bring in some additional profits is always within reach.

Instead of redirecting your new subscriber to something typical like a generic “check your email” message, you can send them to an offer page which would feature either something of yours, or an affiliate offer you’re promoting at the time.

Setting something like this up is pretty easy and straight forward in the Aweber interface, often times you can just insert a link to a page you’ve already got up on the Internet somewhere or use their drag & drop tools to customize a simple form of your own which is even hosted on their own servers so you don’t even need to worry about hosting these forms if you don’t want to.

Utilizing thank you pages and custom forms is great and will often times lead to an increase in profits. For more insight on list building and email marketing you can visit the Powerhouse Affiliate website and even check out the premium offer which has some great perks for both current and brand new members.
Feel free to check those out right here.

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