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5 Tips To Boost ROI on Your Affiliate Campaigns!

Today I’d like to go over a few things any affiliate marketer should be doing to help boost those profits for their efforts. What we’re going to discuss could be considered the fundamentals which means getting them right is absolutely crucial to optimizing success. With that said, let’s get this show on the road.

featimg_5-ways-to-boost-roi1. Take ownership of your affiliate marketing audience

Do you remember the days of “bum marketing” where marketers would dump HubPages and Squidoo pages all over the internet pushing everything under the sun and the moon? It’s safe to say that those days of thinly produced pages populated by affiliate links are long gone. If you don’t believe me look up “bum marketing” on Google trends, the result might shock you… flat-line.

The idea is not to rent your audience and its traffic, which is exactly what you’re doing when dealing with these bridge pages like the good old days of HubPages and the like. What’s necessary these days is controlling your traffic flow yourself and the easiest way to do this is by collecting leads. We are talking about emails for the most part but it can also extend to membership subscriptions if you’re running such a site.

If you control the traffic source then you’re not reliant upon external sources to bring your offers traffic. This allows you to be more flexible in how you target your offers for both lead generation (building your lists) and promoting your offers (making the sale).

A few more methods of owning your audience extend to:

  • Again, building that email list
  • Growing your user-base for your membership sites
  • Building up that social proof on social media sites like Facebook
  • Building that retargeting list for more meaningful and targeted advertising

2. Have a backup offer ready

There’s not much else more frustrating than having all your ducks in a row only to have something fall out of place. That’s the case when one of your offers winds up going down and there is nothing ready to take its place immediately.

There are a bunch of reasons your offer could go down so being ready for this occasion is going to do wonders when it comes to protecting that ROI. There are a lot of ways to find related offers that you can plug in place at a moment’s notice, it’s all going to depend on your niche and what’s available for it at the time.

3. Always track your links

Link tracking is an entire topic all its own but the gist of it is basically this. You need to know which keywords are leading to conversions so you can focus on your winners and ditch the underperformers. Measuring all the smaller details will help you get a bigger-picture view of what’s working and what isn’t. once you know what is working you can scale up your efforts on that and leave the other stuff behind.

Tracking will help you find where your traffic is coming from and where it’s going to. This is good to know for the simple fact that being able to pin-point specific pages allows you to draw inspiration from those so you can clone success over and over again.

4. Retarget everything

Alright, maybe you don’t necessarily need to retarget EVERYTHING… but almost. This whole idea of retargeting goes back to what we marketers often call “the rule of 7” which states that “You need 7 touches before you can convert a prospect into a customer.” Now, this is of course a generalized assumption based on decades of stats over the history of marketing, but that said it’s by no means gospel.

However, it just so happens that once somebody shows that initial interest you now know they’re your target audience and seeing as how most of the time a retargeted ad is cheaper to run than a brand new ad you’ll be far better off retargeting prospects instead of running nothing but non-retargeting ads all the time.

5. Segmentation via lead magnets

Every audience is complex and made up of a sort of “mish-mash” of different people who have different needs. By using different lead-magnets which cater to a variety of different, yet related needs all contained within your chosen niche you will effectively stand a far better chance of landing a sale from more people.

Just think of it like this. Let’s say you have 10 people and you’ve brought them all to your list with 3 separate lead-magnets. One is on traffic generation, another is on list building and the final is on media buying. All these things are related to different types of marketing and I’d even say it’s safe we can sum it up under “internet marketing” in general. Those who signed up for lead-magnet number one will probably buy products related to generating traffic, while the others will do likewise for whatever they signed up for.

Where the magic begins is in the cross promotion and offering those who bought traffic generation products something on building a list- they will after all need to do something with all that traffic they’ll be getting so why not capture leads? By segmenting your list you open yourself up to the option of putting one lead on multiple lists which can then run them through multiple funnels and ultimately lead to a more complete experience for them and of course more profit for you.

Additional Ideas

There are quite a few more things that can be done to help you boost those ROI scores and we’re going to do a sort of “rapid fire” of them right now… here it goes (brace yourself)

Link to offers on your Thank You page. This one seems pretty obvious but you’d be shocked at how many marketers just do not take advantage of this page to its fullest. Think about it for a moment. Why wouldn’t you offer something that could be a good companion to what your customer has just purchased? Upselling is crucial for maximum ROI and it’s highly advised you take advantage of this technique.

Use multiple follow-ups with targeted products. We talked about the “rule of 7” earlier on and there is another I’ll mention here. It’s a pretty well-known detail that roughly 2% of sales happen on the first attempt. What that means is that if you try only once and give up you are leaving an entire 98% of possibility on the table for no good reason at all! Don’t do that, please. You should follow up at a minimum of 5 times after that initial attempt, in fact 6 more times just to satisfy that “rule of 7” would be optimal. You don’t necessarily need to do this on consecutive back-2-back broadcasts or anything but if you have an email sequence set up somewhere in the 1st month of messages would be ideal.

Give genuine examples or demonstrations. What really gets the buying itch going in most potential customers is seeing the thing in action. They want to witness it for themselves so they can finally flip that switch in their own mind and say to themselves “I need that”. If it’s within your power to whip up a case study or show some kind of actual real-world demonstration then you’ll be better off for it.


This one gets extra special attention and I’m going to tell you why. We live in a world now where attention spans are short and everything is “all about me”. Nobody cares about what you want and care only about what they need so it’s up to you to show them in not only the quickest way possible, but you’ve also got to impress them at least a little bit as you do it.

This is very hard to do with a long body of text but it’s extremely simple (and quick) to do in a video. Take a look around you and what you’ll notice is that it’s extremely difficult to find a sales page that doesn’t have some kind of video on it these days. Why do you think that is?

Let’s wrap it up

There are a bunch more tips to be had and many of them have already been covered in previous articles so I’ll let you explore those and find some cool little gems for yourself to improve your affiliate marketing campaigns.

If you’re really serious about wanting to take this affiliate marketing thing to the moon and beyond then you’re going to want to head over to our main member’s area for some serious affiliate training with the long term goal of serious profits. Check us out at the Powerhouse Affiliate members area.

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