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How to Increase Blog Views Every Week – 5 Simple Steps

Everyone wants to know how to increase blog views. The saying goes “if you build it they will come” but we all know this is unfortunately not true. The expression should really be something more like “if you call them, they will come” because without the act of getting your audience’s attention, they’re probably never going to know your website exists. There are a lot of ways on how to increase blog traffic fast to your site and a lot of places to do it from, we’re going to cover some of those right now.


First Things 1st!

You need to have content that people actually want to absorb, if you don’t have that then the rest of what you’ll read here will be for no good reason. In order for your webpages to climb the ranks in search engines people need to stick around for a while.

To ensure that your bounce rate is reasonable, people need to stay on your website for more than  just a few seconds before backing out or leaving… they’re simply not going to stay if you aren’t offering anything they truly want, or even better something they really need!

In order to ensure that your website is offering top notch content it’s a best practice to do your research ahead of time, take excellent notes on the subject and then compose a very well written piece of content in the form of an informative article.

Use pictures where necessary to illustrate concepts to make things easier to understand, include videos to do the same if they fit right and don’t be afraid to include all of this directly into the body of the article by embedding them as all of this will give your visitors something to stick around for as they’re admiring these images and watching these videos right on your pages.

Content Syndication is 2nd

Once you have some great content to share it’s time to actually go out there on the web and share it! The quickest way to do this is by taking advantage of the various social media sites out there so let’s cover how to do this real quick, it’s super easy to do.

Facebook: You can use your personal account to share content with facebook if you wish, but it’s probably a good idea to make a new account expressly for your websites. This way you can not only use the add-friend feature to network with like-minded individuals (up to the facebook limit of course) but you can also segregate your professional content from your personal content keeping the headaches at bay. Don’t add too many people to your friends list if you are going to take this route as facebook will see it as spam and potentially lock your account which is sometimes very difficult to retrieve if they don’t just ban it completely. Keep adding friends to something around 10 per day max or risk the consequences. It’s not a bad idea to take a break from doing this for a day between sessions too, just to keep the account activity to a more reasonable level as not to raise red-flags.

Create a group or a page if you wish to start your own facebook property to draw visitors into, otherwise just start joining groups (no more than 10 per day) and visit pages related to your content and start searching for places to appropriately share your content. Do not spam your stuff, facebook has a feature which now tags users as spammers and anytime you share content which is deemed as spam it will tag your account and other users will see it and know that you’re spamming which will cause them to avoid your content. Only share your links when you know it’s of some help to someone to avoid this from happening.

Twitter: Though still a decent tool to use in some cases, twitter can be a bit hit-or-miss in many cases. It’s worth testing just to see what sort of results you get, but don’t put too much effort into this one if you’re not seeing positive results within a month. The best way to do this is to seek out people already talking about things related to your content and then respond with a helpful blurb which includes a link to your article page. There are tools to help you do this if you wish to use them, some are free while others are available for use with a fee. If you don’t want to take advantage of these great tools you can always do things manually with the twitter advanced search tool right on the twitter website. Here is the official help doc. On twitter which tells you how to do this in greater detail:

Reddit: Proceed with caution when wandering into the land of reddit as it’s full of very savvy internet users who love sniffing out spam and stringing up the spammer responsible for it by their little-toe! In other words… DO NOT SPAM ON REDDIT!!

You have been warned-

Now that we have that out of the way… let’s talk about how to use reddit the right way to get people to visit your website. You need an account, so make one if you don’t have one yet. Reddit is full of subreddits which are just different sections of the website dedicated to whichever topic that particular subreddit covers.

You can navigate the various subreddits directly from the website itself, though this can sometimes be a confusing task, or you can simply search your desired keywords in Google followed by “reddit” which would look something like this: woodturning reddit.

Though reddit does have a bunch of subreddits covering topics related to internet marketing, it’s very difficult to break into these communities without getting deemed a spammer so if you’re going to use as a source of traffic for stuff related to marketing be sure you only share things which do not come across as “promotional” but instead only share valuable information which anyone can find helpful and hope people will find their way to the other articles on your website on their own… which is why linking to other, related articles from within your web pages is important.

The best type of content to share on reddit is anything visually appealing. Images, video and various types of charts or infographics will all do much better than just text-filled articles. So if you have a great looking image to share which links back to an article, that would garner you more clicks to your reddit posts than plain old text, keep that in mind.

YouTube: So you are wondering on how to increase or improve blog views? Yes, this is going to require you to produce videos. How you decide to do that is completely up to you, but it is absolutely necessary. If you target the lower-volume keywords with your videos then you stand a much higher chance of getting views to your videos. Take advantage of your keywords in all appropriate fields such as the title of your video, the description of your video and you can even name the file of your video with your most important keyword. Do your best to fit in a handful of related keywords but do not stuff more than 5 or 6 keywords into any single video at a time as YouTube takes advantage of search algorithms to sniff this type of activity out and you might wake up one day to discover your entire account has been shut down and that would be very unfortunate.

If you have no idea how to produce videos on your own then you can use services from to have different styles of video made for cheap. You don’t need more than 30 seconds of video which directs the viewer to the description where you would then have a link and a very helpful blurb about the information awaiting them on the article within the link. Do your best to entice people to click your link, they need a reason to go out of their way to visit your website when all they have to do is keep searching for what they want while on YouTube. They have all the information they could possibly need already at their fingertips so you really need to stick out and show them you have what they want and that they don’t need to look any further than your website.

Blog Carnivals is Step Three

Never heard of it? I know, not many people reading this probably have but I assure you this is an excellent way to get the word out there about your new blog posts, boosting blog views.

How this typically works is something like this. Find a directory of “blog carnivals” online, you can just use this link Right Here to google it for you. Once you have discovered some promising directories, or maybe even a few blog carnivals themselves, then you can start the process of signing up and submitting your stuff. Every carnival is different so be sure to figure out their posting schedule and submit you link accordingly. What these blog carnivals do is accept submissions from blogs related to their niche and create a directory for them. Check out How to Build Backlinks, as well as drip-feed small amounts of traffic back to your articles directly. Some directories are better than others but because they are always popping up and going away it’s impossible to share anything with you directly which is why the google search link has been provided for you just above… you’re going to have to do a bit of foot-work on your own to take advantage of this one.

4th Step… Blog Directories

These directories are similar to the carnivals mentioned just a moment ago, with a few simple differences in the type of blogs they’ll allow to submit to their site. The great thing about doing things online is the fact you have a wealth of resources at your fingertips, all you have to do is find them. These websites are excellent spots to post your articles for some extra traffic as well as more links back to your web page:

The key to using these is to be sure that your article is already ranking within the Google search engine, this will only take a day or two in most cases and once it’s happened you’ll have a higher chance of discovery back to that freshly ranked page after submitting your blog to directories like these. It won’t act as a miracle or anything, it is however one more step you can take to ensure at least a few extra visits per week to your blog which all adds up to get the traffic ball rolling. Not sure how to quickly get your site indexed into Google search engine? If you’re using WordPress to build your blog then chances are it’s already been pinged thanks to a built in feature but if this is not the case (or if you just want to ensure an expedited indexing of your site) you can follow the instructions setout by Google it’s self via their help-page on the subject found right here:

Step Five… Forums!

Yes, the time tested method of “forum marketing” is not dead at all and is in fact still a very viable method of drip-feeding traffic to your web pages if you do things right. First, let’s look at this super valuable resource to help locate forums that’ll actually be worth our time:

The name of the game is quality over quantity. The better stuff you share, the more traffic you will see hitting your website. If you choose to look at this as a numbers game instead of an opportunity to actually help people out with your content then you will fail at this method. The great thing about using forums is that they’re very much a set & forget opportunity. All you have to do is find active forums (use the link above for this) and then look for opportunities to help with the articles you wish to get traffic to. You will want to do it in a way which comes off as you just being a helpful member of the community. Unless it is obvious that presenting yourself as the blog or website owner will help your cause, you always want to approach from the angle of “helpful citizen” and make your forum posts sound like you’ve stumbled across something helpful and just wish to share it because you feel it could be useful to whomever you’re responding to.

You typically hear the suggestion of “place a link to your page on your forum profile” or whatever… don’t do this as it will make it painfully obvious that you’re just there to spam the community. Instead, you need to seek out opportunities to lend a helping hand. Once your link is there and people are checking out, it could keep providing a trickle of traffic for potentially months and even years to come! The more chances you get to provide help through posting an insightful forum response which happens to feature a link back to your website, the more potential traffic you will see visiting your own website. This method takes time and should be looked at as something to do over the course of weeks and even moths. It’s well worth the time as it can exponentially grow your traffic over time from laser targeted visitors.

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