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5 Potential Affiliate Traffic Sources You Might Have Overlooked



5 Potential Affiliate Traffic Sources You Might Have Overlooked 1

affiliate traffic sources

In affiliate marketing, it’s always about traffic. Isn’t it? Not just any traffic, though.

As an affiliate, you want the most relevant, high-intent, and a clean flow of visitors to your landing pages or offers. Traffic is what your business depends on, and at the end of the day, it’s what converts your low income affiliate programs into high paying affiliate programs.

We all know that there are different free traffic sources and multiple platforms, RTBs, and services that you can use to tap into traffic.

That’s not what the post is about. How about some traffic sources you absolutely didn’t know about or maybe you just overlooked because your Facebook Campaigns were keeping you busy?

Email Lists

Consider this: According to Compu Email, the ROI for email marketing is around 4300%.

With a combined email user base of 2.6 billion users, each user checking email gazillion times throughout the day, the total worldwide traffic for email is estimated to be at 215 billion emails per day.

Surely then, email marketing beats social media and any other free or paid traffic sources you know of. It’s just that you overlooked the good old email.

Plus, as an affiliate, building your own lists around a niche gives you complete control over your marketing. Once you start building up your lists and if you manage to grow your list to a sizeable number, you can then send out offers relevant to that list over and over again.

Instead of counting your stars for a one-time conversion off a landing page and the merchant’s offer page, you’d be able to build a steady business that makes you money while you sleep.

Building a list is a real challenge now, of course. Unless you can give away something of value to your potential visitors, you won’t be able to build a list of super-engaged subscribers.

If you do, you got gold.

Social Communities

Choose a niche or a topic around the type of businesses that you are an affiliate for, head out to any of the relevant social communities and start answering questions well.

Do it well, and for long enough, you’ll see a steady stream of traffic to your landing pages, blogs, websites, or other properties you’d need the traffic for. A singular community like Quora could get you all the traffic you’d ever need if you approach it right.

The secret to finding success in social communities is to be generous. You’d have to spend time and put in the effort to write out answers, to connect with your followers on each of those communities, and to make an impact.

Needless to say, there’d be a lot of writing to do (and you can even outsource this to a smart Virtual Assistant if you have to).

Reddit is another great example. The community is the 7th largest website in the United States and has thousands of sub-communities within. Your niche then probably has a sub-community dedicated to the topic. Reddit is home to about 234 million users and attracts 8 billion page views per month.

Now, can you seriously miss all that potential?

Web Push Traffic

We just named it as such since we didn’t get a better name for it. Have you witnessed little Javascript pop-ups (not the full sized typical pop-ups that you are aware of) when you land on a few websites?

Here’s an example below:

Web push traffic

These push notifications are unobtrusive, easy to launch, and when people do opt-in to receive “notifications”, you can send out regular updates (such as blog posts or news) to each of those subscribers who opted-in.

Use a tool like PushCrew (first 500 subscribers are free) and start building this “parallel” audience.

Admittedly, you won’t see much of a traffic inflow with just a few subscribers. However, as it is true for most digital marketing channels, your traffic starts to come in when you build up an audience.

Content Curation

You don’t always have to create “new” content. You can, in fact, just curate content.

Look at The Lourve, Paris: the museum is huge but it doesn’t create anything; it just curates some of the most precious artifacts from around the world. Most museums are like that, and yet people do pay to visit these museums.

That’s called curation and it applies to digital content too.

Work to collect, create, and organize content around the niche that you operate in as a business or as an affiliate and you’ll be tapping into a much-overlooked traffic generation source most affiliates don’t even think of.

Use tools like or Curata to start curating today.

Mobile Advertising

Some of the affiliates at the PowerHouse Affiliate forums swear by mobile advertising. That’s all they do, and that’s what they’ve unearthed.

For now, it’s working for them. For those of who never considered it, get this: mobile is a huge opportunity and it’s still untapped. Facebook is big on mobile and Google bets everything on it.

73% of all traffic originates from Mobile devices, according to Gartner.

Since not every business is trying to advertise on mobile, there’s plenty of inventory at rock-bottom prices (eCPM or CPC).

There was no other time in the history of mankind when something as expansive as the collective exposure of real estate for advertising on mobile is available for that cheap.

Try it once.

Which of these traffic sources do you use? Can you suggest a few more traffic sources to add to this list?

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