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5 Douchebag Things You Can Do as An Affiliate…

Ok everyone…we all know it….

The fact is people make a living selling bullshit theory to newbie affiliates. Yep it’strue.

Let us just think about this for a minute….If you knew how to make money, and I mean LOTS of money as an  affiliate marketer…would you publicly share your method for everyone to know?

If you answered yes to this….then your too nice.

The problem with “gurus” is they sell methods they read about or methods they already exploited to death. Trust me.

They have a fancy way of selling you BULLSHIT!

Here are 5 ways to know your dealing with a douchebag:

Well the fact is sumple…..if someone gaurantees its easy its a fraud….if someone guarantees its fast money its a fraud….if some

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