4 Native Ad Tips For Affiliate Marketing

It’s known that native advertising is one of the highest spending means of marketing today. Almost every affiliate marketing you know is using native ads as a traffic route. Though native ads have been around for a while and have gained massive popularity for their low-key appearance, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to be earning money through native ads. There is an abundance of campaigns available to push and is friendly for affiliate marketers of all levels. Beginner or expert, there is always room to learn. We’re going to cover four native ad tips that will help you set up campaigns that will convert.


Why Native Advertising?

Well, because they work. Native ad’s ability to match the platform it’s on, mixed with its non-disruptive stature makes it less likely that users recognize that they’re being advertised to. This is why they are becoming more and more popular in affiliate marketing.

The organic appearance helps promote an environment where the user is likely to read your content. The growth potential for native ads is limitless as major ad networks continue to find innovative ways to integrate them into their content.


Tips for Conversions

Have A Flexible Budget

As a beginner in affiliate marketing, someone needs to tell you that a bit of capital is needed. Sure, you can buy ad placements with a smaller budget, but it likely isn’t going to yield the results you’re looking for. The bigger the platform you’re aiming to be on, the bigger your budget will need to be. Where you’re placing your ads, including the country, the offer, and the vertical will all play a role. As part of your budget, be prepared to be confronted with outbidding other affiliates, as well.

While at first you may be investing more than you are returning, be patient and diligent with your efforts as they will soon begin to pay off. Keep an eye on your budget and lead volume, and adjust when necessary.


Carefully Choose an Ad Network

Choosing the network in which you’re going to use as a traffic source is extremely important. Using a network to place native ads will allow you to create an ad that will be placed on a mainstream site, generating traffic to your campaign.

Ad networks that come highly recommended are Taboola and MGID. Both platforms are similar in their features and function. As a Powerhouse Premium member, we’re able to offer you a 25% bonus on your initial investment of $1000 to MGID, with a bonus of up to $1250 in free ad credit. Simply log into your Powerhouse dashboard and click on the MGID photo under ‘Training Resources’.

Choose Offers Known To Convert

There are a plethora of offers available to promote with native advertising, but not all will perform as well as others. It makes sense that not all products or services would perform best as a native ad, and we’re aiming to keep our ROI as high as possible.

Aim for offers with moderate to high payouts (depends on the vertical), have a broad target audience and can be promoted with a sense of urgency. Be sure to note that native advertising is an approved source of traffic for that offer, as well.

Verticals that convert well for affiliates with native advertising are:


It’s 2020- we’re all looking for the best ways to be as healthy as possible. Health products that are promoting bettering a user’s health or physical appearance perform very well on native ads. Using emotion as a driving force with marketing will always connect with a user.


Gaming offers can effectively target a user’s impulsive urges. If a user feels as if they’re missing out on the hottest game, they’ll quickly try to join in on the trendy fun.


From mainstream to adult, dating offers have become popular in recent years. Mainstream offers tend to be easier to promote due to the fewer restrictions and PG content. Again, using emotion, dating native ads work as it creates a sense of hope for a relationship.


Getting Creative

As always, we tie back to the creatives of marketing. From copy, to the ad photo, to the landing page, your creative content is of the most important. Without an attractive headline and photo to go with it, who is going to click on your native ad? And once they do, where are they landing? Does it relate to what originally caught the user’s eye? We must remain cohesive throughout the entire funneling, following through on the original promotion.

Landing Pages

Custom LP’s are a great tool when using native ads. When a user clicks, they want to arrive at a page that isn’t overwhelming. Yes, we’re selling to them, but there’s no need to shove it in their face! Opt for a less confusing design and one that is sleek, informative, and visually appealing.

Your custom landing page should match what you’re promoting. Your bounce rate will skyrocket if the user arrives at your LP that doesn’t match the native ad. Further, the sales page of the campaign must remain cohesive to the prior content. Your landing page should serve as the bridge between the ad and the sales page. Make it powerful.

Ad Copy

As important as the cover photo and the landing page, effective copywriting is just as important. Copy, also known as image captions, needs to draw the user in. What will make them intrigued to click on your post? Remember when writing your copy that the native ad is meant to fit seamlessly with the page it’s on. Ensure that your headlines are cohesive with the platform.

When writing copy, keep it simple, be intriguing, and get creative. Your copy should be what pushes the user to convert into a lead.



Native advertising is proven to engage users and convert into leads better than a traditional display ad does. Following the four native ad tips above will help improve your strategy and put you on the path to success. As you go, use the data from your tracking to tweak your ads towards what works best.



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