4 Native Ad Mistakes To Avoid

Did you know that native ads is estimated to make up over 60% of display ad spend?

As one of the fastest growing traffic sources, native ads’ friendly nature almost guarantees its future popularity. Oftentimes, affiliates make the mistake of assuming that native advertising is fool proof. As simple as setting a campaign may be, there are common mistakes that affiliates make that can actually end up teaching you something! Let’s discuss native ad mistakes to avoid, shall we?


4 Native Ad Mistakes to Avoid

Expecting overnight success

You’ve set up your website, generated content, and now you’re ready to launch a campaign, only to end up discouraged when you’re not seeing immediate traffic conversions. It’s easy to get caught up in expecting overnight results from native ads, but this isn’t the case. Yes, native advertising will convert quicker than, let’s say creating an email base would, but that’s not to say your results will be immediate. It’s important to not make rash decisions when you’re feeling frustrating, but instead be patient.

Let your campaign run, then evaluate its metrics. Test and adjust what you’ve implemented until you begin to see results. Then, it’s time to optimize and scale.

Take extra precaution when starting a new campaign and be mindful of your budget. Without patience, you will run your budget into the ground without getting any valuable feedback.

Not Getting Creative With Your Creatives

What’s a campaign without an enticing visual to draw in visitors?

I’m sure as an affiliate marketer, you’ve heard the word “spy” once or twice before. Spying is looking at your competitors and seeing what’s working for them. Monitoring your competition’s marketing and advertising efforts allows you to optimize your own competitive strategies and improve your business. The important note here is to be creative with your content and use the material you’ve spied on only as a source of inspiration.

Looking for a Great Spy Tool? Check out Adplexity or Anstrex

In addition to spying, it’s crucial to put yourself in the shoes of your target customer. What would resonate with your audience? How can you deliver an enticing campaign that will spark their interest and assure them that you have the answer to what they’re seeking? Here’s the chance to get creative. Create a split-test to identify the best performing ad, and then optimize.



Not Adapting to the Modern Expectations of a Native Ad

Native advertising matches the form and function of the platform in which the ad is placed- whether that be a video, article, or an editorial.

Advertising has exceeded its expectations beyond the classic “Buy Our Product Now!” style. With native advertising on the continuous rise, it’s important that affiliates stay up to date and current on the best practices, including visual design, how the story is told, and providing value and experience.

Engaging with your audience is one of the best ways to tell a story and create an experience that assures them that your promotion is the right decision. You can even try creating an emotional connection with your audience.

Native advertising has many opportunities to push your lead down the sales funnel. Be sure not to miss out by being outdated.

Not Utilizing An Ad Networks Features

Great! You’re using an ad network to create your campaigns and ads. If that’s the extent that you’re using the platform to, you need to take a few steps back. Ad networks are jam packed full of important and incredibly useful information. All at your finger tips!

Most ad networks provide an account manager to you. Yes, your account manager is eager that you spend more money- but you’re not going to keep depositing money if you’re not seeing the results. Create a relationship with your account manager and communicate with them the goals you’ve set. Your account manager holds all of the key details of network features, latest trends, and knowledge. The better your campaign performs, the more money you put in, the more they are all in to assist you!

Well-performing native ads aren’t made with luck. Making data-driven decisions are sure to lead a successful campaign.

Though we can tell you all of the native ad mistakes to avoid, as an affiliate, you will make mistakes – and that’s ok. Learn, be patient, and persist. Success is around the corner.


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