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4 Marketing Tips To Increase Affiliate Conversions

With the number of offers a consumer sees on a daily basis constantly rising, it is extremely important that you focus on your ad click through rates!

Display ad CTRs have dipped (Google’s average CTR is only at 0.10%) and a person’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter as time goes by.


The average CTR of Google is only at 0.10% and has decreased yearly.

audience attention span

For your ad to be effective, you should catch the attention of your audience in 10 seconds or less.

With the situation at hand, how will an affiliate fight the battle? Choosing a compelling offer for your target audience is the first thing you need to do in an affiliate marketing campaign….

Below are some tips on how to increase and improve conversion rate ecommerce and save money on click costs.

  1. Contents

    Digital Coupons

Everyone loves to save. Year after year, the use of coupons increases. In fact, for 2013 there were 124% more coupons redeemed online compared to 2012. [1] The infographic below shows, how coupons have boosted business for retailers for both brick and mortar and online stores. Coupons also help your CTR if your ads describe some type of discount for a product someone is already searching.

Digital Coupons

  1. In-the-Moment Products

For those running retail offers, take your cue from trends, end of season or in-season offers. Brands adapt their prices to seasons or trends that their audience dictates. These products could highly affect the click rate and eventually performance of your campaign.

  1. Personalized CTAs

In every buying stage, there is a CTA that would work for your audience. Make sure that you use CTAs that are based on your ads, as appropriately as 70% of customers get frustrated when they see a website which does not contain their interest. [2]







  1. Testimonial or Narratives

An interested buyer usually does a search on how effective a product is. They may also rely on others’ opinions to make up their mind for a purchase. Having a testimonial or narrative that highlights the offer’s key benefits, or how helpful it was, would definitely help in pushing your audience to purchase the product immediately. Further it can also help to increase website conversions

Tip: Consider a video explainer as it would be the best medium for a narrative.

testimonials for conversions


Video Narrative


Start with attracting the attention of your audience and do not let them close that page until you get a sale. For more tips on getting that sale, log into our Affiliate Forum.

[1] 2014 Coupon Trends, Inmar 2013 Year-End Report.

[2] Convert More Shoppers with Personalized CTAs, S. Harthbharath, March 2015, (A blog from LemonStand(dot)com) Here are a few alternatives to Lemonstand.

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