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Why & how to create an Affiliate Marketing website



By definition, affiliate marketing is when you market or promote a product or service online and get paid for each referral you send to the merchant. As you are essentially looking at driving online traffic to the merchant’s website, having your own website where you can gather traffic to channel it forward makes great sense. Affiliate marketing is not impossible without website and question arises on how to make your own website for free. However, if you are serious about your career and wish to make tons of money, having your own website is absolutely crucial. Let’s quickly see why.

affiliate marketing website

3 Reasons why Having your Own Affiliate Marketing Website is Crucial

 1. Helps you Direct Traffic More Efficiently

When you have your own website, it is a place, where you can place your links, banners, and other promotional material. Your traffic generation strategies (whether PPC, organic SEO or others) become more focused towards driving traffic to your website from where it will be directed forward to the merchant’s site. Without having your own website, the campaign loses focus and effectiveness.

2. Several Affiliate Networks Require you to Have One

For some of the best affiliate networks with high converting offers, it is mandatory for affiliates to have their own websites. Membership will be denied if you do not have your own website. Some affiliate networks also offer ready made templates to help you create your own website once you have signed up with them.

3. It’s a Smart Business Decision

Having your own website is an investment that will help you in the long run. By offering regularly updated high value content you can create a list of loyal readers. Then, based on the preferences of your readers you can promote products or services they are looking for. And as you already have a relationship with them, they trust you, and they are more likely to heed your recommendation. This greatly increases your chances of conversion. Having your own website and a corresponding loyal list is great not just for one campaign. It is something that’ll help your business grow in the long term.

Tips to Set up Your Own Website

There are several options for creating your website within minutes and that too free of cost for affiliate marketing. You can just get on Google and search for ‘How to create a Website for free’ and you will be inundated by the number of results that return. Some of the more popular options include the following.

  • Create a blog using Google’s Blogger or on WordPress. Both are free, and offer comprehensive step by step instructions to guide you through the process.
  • Customize your website and make it look attractive/appealing by choosing the right theme. There are several excellent free themes available. You can also opt for premium themes if you feel the need to.
  • Equip you website with basic plugins related to SEO, spam filter, enabling comments, social media, and more.
  • The final step to making your website accessible to everyone via the internet is to host it online. Get in touch with a hosting service provider (Go daddy, Hostgator, and several more).You can start of with the basic package and upgrade as and when you feel the need to.

Congratulations. You now have a website up and running for affiliat e marketing!

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Affiliate Tips

Get Higher Opt-In Rates With These Few Tips




Traffic is the lifeline for any offer, if you’re not getting people to see what you’re promoting then you’ll never get anything to convert and that’s simply a fact. There are a lot of different sources for traffic but what we’re focusing on today is email as it’s the one source you have the most control over.

In order to get leads on your list you first need them to opt-in and to do this effectively it’s important you’re optimizing your sign up forms, so let’s talk about a few very simple ways you can do for better email conversion rates.

Put it above the fold

The moment somebody lands on your page you want them to see your form, even if they don’t pay attention to it, you want it there in their view. The reason for this is because 80% of most people’s viewing time on any webpage is often spent above the fold, this means they won’t even scroll down or might not scroll very far before backing out or closing your page. Additionally, when most people whom make return visits see that sign up form over and over they’ll be much more likely to finally give in and sign up.

Get Higher Opt-In Rates With These Few Tips 1

Every publisher be it in print or digital media always charges a premium for the adspace which is displayed above the fold and this for the the very reason just mentioned, it’s for the same reason everyone wants the top spot on the Google SERP and it’s the same reason you should be treating your own web pages with the same regard. You can have these forms somewhere on the page itself as an embedded form or you can use a pop-up in the form of a light box, something that is easily dismissed in order to be compliant with most ad platforms who frown on web pages that use pop ups which aren’t easily dismissed.

Make a STRONG call to action

This one seems like a no-brainer but you would be surprised at how many new to marketing and advertising simply don’t make a proper call to action and in some cases just don’t make one at all. Adding a call to action is one of the best practices for email opt-in. The difference between a conversion and a lost lead can be your call to action. In the case of collecting leads to an email list you’re going to need to demonstrate value in some form to entice the sign up from your viewers.

you’re going to need to demonstrate value in some form to entice the sign up from your viewers.

Get Higher Opt-In Rates With These Few Tips 2

What you decide to offer as that valuable thing to entice a lead is up to you. In some cases it might be something free that’s normally for sale or it could be access to privileged information they’d otherwise not have access to. You do need to be sure that what you offer is of actual value to your lead however because gone are the days when you could throw any simple little bit of digital content up and expect somebody to fork over their email for it.

K.I.S.S. your forms

If you’ve not heard of the “kiss rule” it goes like this… “keep it simple, stupid”. Sure it’s been changed over time to make it a bit more politically correct but nothing cuts right to the point like the original. Keep your forms simple, don’t fluff them up with unnecessary details and always make it very clear what you want from them.

Get Higher Opt-In Rates With These Few Tips 3

The fewer input boxes people have to think about, the fewer chances they have to change their mind. This can mean the difference of a few percentage points worth of conversions. We live in an informational savvy age now, people know what will happen when they fork over their details and they will either give you fake information which is not very useful or they just won’t give you anything at all if you ask too many data points where it seems unnecessary to do so. If you’re just collecting leads to market affiliate products to later then you really don’t need anything more than a name and email address and in many cases just the email will do fine.

Walk them through it

It’s easy to assume that anyone reading your opt-in form is going to know what to do next but time & time again this has been proven wrong. There are going to be a fairly large percentage of people who will sign up to your email list from your capture form and then simply stop there, never to check the emails sent to them and eventually forget about it all entirely. Don’t let this happen, walk them through to the follow up step of checking that email and do it in a simple way.

Get Higher Opt-In Rates With These Few Tips 4

It helps a lot if somebody is redirected to a new page after signing up, this page should give a few details on what they need to do next in order to get what they signed up for or to simply remind them that it’s now waiting for them over at their inbox.

How We Can Help

Here at Powerhouse Affiliate we’re always working around the clock to bring our members top of the line training material in order to get them each the best results possible. This is an interactive community of professionals and those looking to become professionals alike, all working together to break new ground and get things done… all the way to the bank.

We cover a ton of different strategies so you can pick what works for you and we’re always doing our very best to make it quick to learn and easy to understand. Come check us out at our main site…

Get Higher Opt-In Rates With These Few Tips 5

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Blogging Tips

5 Free & Awesome WordPress Themes For Affiliate Marketing Sites




In today’s fast-paced affiliate industry, it’s important to workout a plan of action and then execute on it right away! That’s where helpful tools like WordPress and affiliate marketing themes come into the picture. We’re going to point out a handful of free affiliate WordPress themes that any affiliate marketer can use in order to get a brand new (or preexisting) website up & running in a snap.

The Advance Ecommerce Store

If you’re in the market for a affiliate theme WP which has a more store-front feel to it then this option is going to be an excellent fit for you. The Advance Ecommerce Store is a theme which has that traditional e-commerce look & feel to it with all the modern bells and whistles.

Advance Ecommerce Store

It lets you do fancy stuff like:

  • Put all your featured items into categories for easy indexing
  • Share coupon codes with visitors at the top of page
  • Show off hot deals in the image slider above the fold
  • Set up additional deals in the sidebar such as best-sellers
  • Show off testimonials in style
  • As well as display the latest & greatest offers on your site

There are even more options available in the free version of this great WordPress ecommerce affiliate theme but if you want to ramp it up to that next level then a premium version is also available (as is the case with most themes of this sort).

Another great benefit to this theme is how SEO friendly it is, this theme is absolutely optimized from the ground-up to work well with search engines. If you get your keyword game down then you’ll not have to worry about the top SERPS finding your site do to any typical slackings those other themes suffer. This free ecommerce theme one has ultra fast loading times, it’s very mobile responsive and has excellent options for social media sharing, WooCommerce compatibility and of course 3rd party plugin support.

The aReview Theme

If you prefer to go with a slightly more traditional blog look then this is a great medium ground option. The aReview theme from aThemes was designed for those of us who wish to write product reviews and do it in a more blog-traditional fashion.

aReview Theme

The aReview WordPress theme is an optimal theme for your next review site. It works great for:

  • Affiliate marketing reviews
  • Movies
  • Games & more

The aReview theme comes with custom widgets, full colors control, 100% responsive design, great looking icons, Google fonts, logo upload, favicon upload and much more interesting things. If you’re in the CPA marketing game then this theme might be a great fit for you as it allows you to create those custom advertorials that convert so well for offers such as software, supplements, software/downloads and way more!

The Fastest WordPress Theme

A clever name if you ask me. This theme tells you what it’s all about in the name, it’s fast! The Fastest theme from WPVKP is made for affiliates who have a strong desire to have the most responsive site out there. It plays very well with search engines do to it’s built in SEO friendly features. This affiliate marketing WordPress theme is incredibly lightweight which is excellent for visitors who enjoy flipping through page after page and it hosts a fair number of customizable options to get just the right look at feel you need.

Fastest WordPress Theme

There are options to customize this WordPress theme’s colors and backgrounds, you can place your own images anywhere they’re available spaces for them and there are even ad-display tools for the banner and sidebar areas of your webpages. This theme is completely free with no paid options available so it’s a what you see is what you get situation with this theme as well as the aReview theme previously mentioned above. There is a premium version currently under development as of the writing of this article but it’s still being worked on.

Lifestyle Magazine Theme

The Lifestyle Magazine theme from Bootstrap Themes displays your affiliate content with a grid of images above the fold for a pleasant visual impact.

Lifestyle Magazine Theme

Lifestyle Magazine is a free WordPress blog theme. It is perfect for:

  • Lifestyle bloggers
  • Style guides
  • Personal bloggers
  • Travel blogs
  • Journalist blogs
  • Photographers & more!

It’s very easy to use and customize with it’s live preview. This WordPress theme supports the  Woocommerce plugin and is very SEO optimized. The free version of this theme comes equipped with options for the overall layout which is customizable in the header and banner slider. You get drag & drop editing tools, image options for your banner as well as social media tools which we know can be very helpful in today’s social climate. There is a pro version of this theme which goes for a modest $49 and gives you even more options such as Google fonts, many more color choices and of course ad management tools, including ad-blocker bypass tools!

Juliet Theme

The Juliet theme from Lyra Themes is known for it’s beautiful visual display. Giving affiliates an emphasis on visual-heavy design, you’re going to love this mobile friendly, fast loading, WooCommerce compatible theme. This free affiliate marketing website template has built in auto scaling so it’s always guaranteed to look it’s best no matter what the screen size is.

Juliet Theme

The free version of this best WordPress theme has plenty of options for customization such as logos, banner overlay colors, images and background colors as well as other visual elements. There is a pro option available for a $35 price tag with additional options for support and updates. Getting access to more built in options for things like Instagram, MailChimp, Subscription Form and of course JetPack.

The Round-Up

There are tons & tons of free affiliate themes available in both the premium and free price range. Although many themes share very similar qualities and features it’s important to determine which one is going to be just the right fit for your needs. Some themes look pretty & polished on the surface but fall short on speed and optimization while others have a reverse issue of being ugly but work like a dream.

It’s always a good idea to test run best affiliate marketing themes before you commit to one. Check reviews on affiliate marketing blogs and don’t just glance at them but actually take the time to comb through the comments and see what rants and raves people have to say about a theme, it’ll help keep you informed in order to make a better decision for your Amazon or other affiliate program. Let us know in the comment section what WordPress theme do you use for affiliate marketing..

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Affiliate Tips

This Is Why We Like OptimizePress & Why You Will Too




Let’s just be honest about this for a moment. There are a bunch of different website builders that let you just plug right in to WordPress and start dragging and dropping and clicking a website together in no time. It’s become so easy to make your own affiliate blogs, landing pages, lead capture pages and etc. that the only time you’ll ever really need to hire a professional to work on your website is if something goes wrong and you need help desperately or you want some functionality that just doesn’t exist in any currently available site-building packages.

So why do we choose OptimizePress website builder over the other ones then? The reasons are simple. They offer a tool that just works right out the box, it’s easy to learn thanks to their very comprehensive training material which is offered direct from their own website as well as the addition of pop-out videos that will talk you through most features from right inside your website’s backend.

What Can I Build With OptimizePress

Just about anything you want to thanks to the collection of tools offered inside this theme. The entire OptimizePress is basically a theme with a ton of tools, it’s own easy to use page editor and man… MANY customizable options you just won’t find inside the vanilla WordPress installation, not even with the fancy new project gutenberg.

OptimizePress - Page Builder

Membership pages

Setting up a membership site is easy with the use of premade pages that have been designed to work with the membership plugin for OptimizePress. It’s just a matter of setting up your site by going through the steps, selecting the layout you want to use for your fancy new membership site and then filling out the necessary details along side adding your own content of course.

Membership Pages

Lead Capture Pages

Want to build really nice opt-in forms which plug directly into your autoresponder without any hassle? Of course you do and OptimizePress lets you do exactly that with their neat OptimizeLeads tool. It’s just a matter of diving into the setup guide and going through the steps, making the adjustments in page layout as you see fit, adding the text and images you want and then you’re off to the races! All the details needed about how to get all the technical stuff done can be found right inside the help section of the OptimizePress builder or direct from their own help-site section, all of which are super easy to find and follow.

Lead Capture Pages

Landing Page Builder

It just wouldn’t be complete without the ability to build good old fashioned landing / squeeze pages! This is something OptimizePress specializes in and has some of the easiest to use tools around. It’s really just a matter of picking the best WordPress theme and then making the subtle changes you want, or if you prefer then you can start with a blank template and add elements on the fly as you go. By the end of you what you’ll end up with is a crispy, very quick-to-load and fully optimized landing webpage.

Landing Page Builder

Once you’ve got your preferred style all picked out you’re going to be directed to something called the “live editor” and this is where the magic happens. It looks something like this…

Landing Page Live Editor

As you can see, there are different predefined elements already laid out for you and all you need to do is click your mouse inside them and start typing what you wish to say. You can add new elements, split existing elements into multiples or cut back on those already there, it’s really all up to you!

SmartTheme & Blogging With OptimizePress

Building your own blogs inside the OptimizePress theme alongside with the power of the SmartTheme is nothing short of a pleasant experience. It’s incredibly easy to set up and maintain a blog with these two powerful tools at your disposal.

Smarttheme & Blogging

Checking on the visual layout of our blog is easy to do as you work on it. Right inside the editor is the actual blog webpage you’re working on. As you edit and refine aspects to your liking you’re going to get an update to the style in real time. If at anytime you want to save progress to get a quick peek at what the rest of the world is going to see then it’s only a matter of a few clicks and you’ll see something like this (or like whatever your specific blog happens to look like)


What Else Does OptimizePress Offer

Tons of stuff that’s going to be incredibly helpful to a marketer such as:

  • A/B split testing of pages in real time
  • Proven to convert themes that are already battle tested
  • Done for you sales funnels that are plug & play
  • Webinar & event option pages
  • Email signUp forms that work with your autoresponder
  • Excellent tech support
  • A great user interface that works seamlessly with WordPress
  • And a whole bunch more!!

There is a lot to explore, way too much which couldn’t possibly be covered in this article on why we like OptimizePress and use it for a lot… and I mean a LOT of the pages and websites we build. Take a look at the site for yourself and see if it’s a good fit for you, chances are pretty high that it probably will be.

Here’s a quick & convenient link:  OptimizePress Website – Click Here

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