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10 Must Read Email Statistics for Affiliates

Imagine for a moment that you’ve got your own basket of leads you can dip your hand into and pull out a sale. Now, think of doing that over and over again for as long as you want to, so long as you keep that basket full of fresh leads while dumping the outdated ones on a regular basis. That’s what email marketing is in a nutshell and it’s very profitable when you know how to do it.

One of the best returns on your advertising investments is hands-down found in email marketing. The problem most affiliates face when jumping into this form of advertising is they have no clue what to look for when deciding what’s working & what’s not… we’re going to help you with that now, keep reading.

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95% of professionals still use email as a primary tool for communication.

This statistic alone makes email a great option for business-to-business type transactions. Additionally, consumers are still checking email in record numbers across the board at 85% for adults & 78% for teens. Deliver-ability is something constantly mentioned anytime the naysayers chime in but with an average delivery rate in the upper 90% range, there really is no cause for concern that your emails will be delivered to your subscribers provided you’re sending relevant material.

Email marketing delivers the highest ROI – $38 for every $1 spent (average).

SEO goes next followed by display banners which generated the lowest ROI. One in five companies report an ROI as high as 70:1 which is rather huge when compared to other methods such as banner ads and catalogs or print advertising. The ability to speak directly to those who have actively displayed an interest in your business can yield high returns when approached the right way. Additionally, when you consider that you can re-target leads on a regular basis thanks to having them on a list it’s basically like paying for an ad once and getting to use it over & over again.

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Purchase behavior for 81% of online shoppers in the US are affected by emails they have received.

A lot of retailers are now and have been using email as a way to reach their customers. This goes not only for your local shops but the big fish such as Walmart, Target, Bestbuy and way more. Do to the fact that the overwhelming majority of folks now check their emails on their smart phones, these types of email campaigns are designed with quick & flash ads in mind. What this means for you is that it is now possible to put yourself right next to the competition and if your offer is valuable to your subscriber they’ll be more inclined to check it out and possibly make a purchase.

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Almost 70% of consumers in the US prefer to be contacted over email.

Email marketers make it a point to catch their audience’s attention with the subject title as this is the key to high open-rate. This statistic is something which has been proven time & time again, your subject line is possibly the most important part of all emails (aside from the actual email content it’s self). This is do to the fact that people will scan through their inbox quickly looking for content they feel is important so you have to catch them quickly or fall short.

Email is used by marketers for awareness to retention.

It is three times higher than social media on conversion and is 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter for customer retention. Thanks to filters set in place to block private messages, tighter and more restrictive measures set in place to foil attempts to reach out to groups and pages and an over-all increasing difficulty level of getting in contact with individuals who may be interested in your offers it’s no secret that social media marketing isn’t what it once was. Email however allows you to skip over all of those speed bumps and when you take into account the possibility for re-targeting marketing thanks to a sizable email list, you can have a head start over other marketers who don’t take email marketing seriously.

83.8% of people use their phones to check personal email.

Not only that but as high as 34% of people also use their smart phones for business related emails. Email related activity is the 2nd most important task carried out over phones these days. Think about it, how often do you use your phone to make actual calls when compared to other things like emails, texting and social media activity?

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53% of consumers say they’re being spammed.

Sure, this is more than half, but not much more which means there’s hope for us as affiliate marketers. When it comes to doing things the right way, it’s very important to send relevant and timely emails to your subscribers. It’s okay to email as frequently as you feel you can get away with, but you have to accept that there is a breaking point for everyone on your list and if you pass that point they’re either going to unsubscribe or claim your message as spam. Keep things relevant to what your subscribers signed up for and do your best to offer them things which will keep them wanting to keep opening your emails and you should be just fine.

Retail rates tend to reflect over-all industry averages.

Since the days of Shopify and the like, online retailers have popped up all over the internet. Open rates tend to be in the high 11-% to low 12% range with click through rates in the high 7% and extremely low unsubscribe rates. If you’ve been considering starting your own online retail shop then utilizing email to promote your next great deal is an excellent idea. Alternatively, if you approach your other types of offers (outside of retail) in a similar fashion to retail then you’re probably going to see similar results. A great resource to check average stats across different industries is found at the following link: ConstantContact Knowledgebase

Mobile optimized emails get better retention.

With mobile as the most used device to open email, it is suggested that all email should be mobile-optimized yet only 11% are. 64% of mobile users, delete emails that are not mobile optimized and 71% delete emails that do not load immediately. What this means is you need to make sure your email messages look good on a small screen otherwise you’re bound to get far fewer clicks on your links and higher spam & unsubscriber rates.

Lastly, don’t forget to check email analytics regularly.

Only 17% of email marketers take time to analyze the data they gather from their campaigns, try not to become one of them. Data is key to a successful campaign and you need to be checking your data very regularly… daily if you can.

Email marketing is not dead but it is constantly changing. It has evolved from merely being a form of communication to a gateway for businesses to reach and convert their customers. Email is here to stay, the question is – how will you adapt?

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