Build Your Online Passive Income Empire

Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners

OVERVIEW: Read this course overview before starting the videos, so you know where it is heading & why!

You have made a wise decision to learn about this very exciting industry. Please start by going through each video in order. This course contains a lot of information. We want to avoid information overload.

So What Exactly Are You About to Learn?

You are about to learn how to build affiliate marketing campaigns that not only generate you up front commissions through the use of a “tripwire” offer, but you will also be learning how to build your own email list that you can continue to market to every single day on auto pilot. This course is going to show the entire “funnel” and how to set it up completely from scratch. This course describes an email marketing strategy for affiliate marketers.

The skills you are about to learn will set you up to build your own large email list of customers (subscribers) and can be applied in ANY niche or topic. This email list can become a very valuable asset to you in any future business, whether you want to sell it, or use it to build your own online stores, or any other future business.

Let’s Do the Math!

With Facebook boasting over 1 billion active users and Twitter boasting 255 million, it’s tempting to believe that social media is the most effective way to reach the masses. These are impressive numbers, but what isn’t so frequently shared are the statistics on email usage. The total number of worldwide email accounts was 3.9 billion in 2013, and projected to reach 4.9 billion by 2017, according to Radicati. While this might seem surprising at first, think about your own online behavior: When you sign up for a website (like an online store), you have to enter your email address to create the account. You even need an email address to create a Facebook or Twitter account. What’s more, Facebook and Twitter use email to notify users of activity like when someone is tagged in a photo. Email is the currency of the web, and anybody who is online has an active email address. So when it comes to connecting with your prospects and customers, there’s no channel with a wider reach than email.

Better ROI & Lifetime Value

Given email’s unmatched ability to drive conversions, it would make sense that email is also the most effective marketing channel to drive ROI. Email marketing yields an average 3,800% return on investment for businesses and for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is around $35 based on some online studies.

It’s clear from these statistics that email is a cost-effective channel for marketers, but why does it outperform other channels so significantly when it comes to ROI?

It comes down to longevity, and the ability to deliver highly personalized and relevant messages long into the future. Unlike social networks where you send status updates to every follower regardless of their location, interests & purchase history, email allows you to be hyper-targeted with your communications. Also with social media followings you never REALLY own the subscribers, Facebook and Twitter completely rule you and OWN you! The more data you have about your own customers in an email marketing tool like Aweber – the more control you have in your business, the more saleable it is in the future, and the more targeted you can be.

Email will be around forever

Remember MySpace? What?

The once-hot site was the largest social networking site in the world between 2005 and 2008, and in June 2006 surpassed Google as the most visited website in the United States. Yet where is MySpace now? All those users eventually moved on to other social networks, and the site is now the 1,500th most popular website in the United States.

Imagine if you’d invested significant amounts of time and money building an audience on a platform, only to find it died a year or two later. The impact on your ability to reach and engage potential customers would be catastrophic.

Email on the contrary has a long history of stability.


As a marketer if you had to choose between adding a subscriber to your own email list, or gaining a new Facebook fan, what would you choose?

If you chose adding the subscriber to your own email list then you are on the right track already!

There are two key reasons why:

First, 90% of email gets delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox, whereas only 2% of your Facebook fans see your posts in their News Feed. This is because Facebook limits the number of times your posts appear in the News Feed in an attempt to drive brands towards their paid advertising options. This is a big deal when it comes to getting your messages seen. On Facebook, if you post an update to your 10,000 fans only about 200 of them will even have a chance of seeing it in their News Feed. Alternatively, if you send an email campaign to 10,000 subscribers up to 9,000 of them would likely receive it in their inbox. Email is the proven marketing channel to ensure your audience gets your message.

So What is the Value of an Email Subscriber?

There are many opinions on this and quite frankly the value of a subscriber is different for every business, and requires highly technical analytics to truly know the value of one email subscriber! It highly depends on many factors including but not limited to how good of a follow up sequence you have with your leads, how much trust you have built with your audience, and what value your emails bring to the lives of your subscribers. Let’s face it, your subscribers could unsubscribe from your list at any point in time.

If you were to ask around the internet what the typical email subscriber is worth, many would say roughly $1 per month per subscriber. For example, if you had a list of 40,000 emails in any given month then it should yield $40K a month in revenue. Let’s just say this is on the high end in most cases, but even if one email address was worth only a dime to you per month, that list would still generate $4,000 a month.

Let me run through a typical formula for determining what you can likely earn from a list that big…

When you send out an email to 40,000 people roughly 20% of them will open that email. That is 8000 people. Of those 8000 people let’s say only 1 in 10 of them click the link you are sending them. That is 800 visitors you can send to an affiliate link or website with just one email blast. Even if you convert just 3% of those 800 people into a customer (24 Customers) that pays you a $37 commission, you can earn 24 * $37 = $888.00 in one single sent email.

Why Should Affiliates Build an Email List?

Many affiliate marketers struggle to find long term campaigns online. Many of them who make money in fact are living from one campaign to the next hoping that it will last long enough for them to find a new one that works before they go broke. Affiliate marketers are generally building other people’s businesses. By building a campaign that collects an email first you are in fact building your own business while using the affiliate marketing model as a way to monetize your list of emails.

Building an email list first also allows you to run more aggressive offers in your email sequence that would not normally be allowed to be promoted on traffic networks like Facebook or Google. For example, Facebook is very strict in the diet niche or dating niche and many others.

A Final Word of Advice Before You Begin…

We always recommend you watch the entire course before implementing anything. This is to be sure you have all the info you need first.

Also many affiliate marketers don’t build email lists mainly because of these 3 main reasons »

1.  It Takes a Lot of Work

Like many of our courses you should sit back and learn the entire course before getting started. If after watching this video series you think it is something you want to do then we are here to help. No one said this was going to be easy.

2.  Many Niches Don't Cater Well To This Kind of Set Up You Are About To Learn.

Before you begin setting this up be sure to pick a niche that has a lot of potential products you can promote to your list, and choose a topic that people will likely continue to open emails about. For example, dieting, skin care, make money at home and finances are all topics that people will continue to have interest in. But if you choose to start your niche too specific in something like flashlights, or cameras, then you can only send so many emails about flashlights before people get bored.

3.  You Will Spend More Money & Time

You can stand to spend a lot more money building your campaign before you even know if its going to work for you. This is why it is advised to try a landing page or direct link campaign first that promotes the products you want to promote. If you direct linking campaign, or landing page campaign produces results for you then it often makes sense to build a long term lead capture funnel.

So keeping all this in mind…